May 30, 2023

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Algeria: RSF and media bosses from 14 countries call for the release of journalist Ihsane El Ghadi.

About fifteen media directors and editors from 14 countries and 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitri Mouratov called on Tuesday for the release of Algerian journalist Ihsane El Gadi through Reporters Without Borders (RSF). Sanctions against the media he directs.

“Freedom for Ihsaneh El Ghadi, freedom for Radio M and Maghreb Emergent, freedom for Algerian journalists. It was a message launched in the international press by 16 media and editorial leaders who condemned the “intolerable attack on press freedom in Algeria”.

They describe the jailing of Radio M director Ihsane El Ghadi and Maghreb Emergent on “clearly controversial” grounds as an “intolerable attack” on press freedom in Algeria.

The Algerian journalist’s imprisonment “severely undermines the right to information, a right of all citizens, freedom of expression and freedom of expression and a condition of democracy”, underlines the signatories of the appeal published on the RSF website.

They point out that “Ihsane El Ghadi was arrested on the night of December 24, handcuffed – a symbol of the criminalization of journalism – and sealed off to Radio M and Maghreb Emergent media by the Algerian authorities.” outside.

How can entire teams be prevented from performing their social function that is most beneficial to communities? They are surprised to recall that Algeria was already ranked 134 out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2022 World Press Freedom Index.

They call on Algeria to “show adherence to the rule of law and democratic values ​​and not turn to systematic repression”.

“We call on all media professionals in the world to join us in halting and reversing this wave of repression that is sweeping the press in Algeria,” the press bosses said.

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Together with Reporters Without Borders (RSF), they are calling on the Algerian authorities to release Ihsane El Gadi without delay, drop all charges against him and return their equipment to Radio M and Maghreb Émergent. Voices may continue their activity.

The appeal, coordinated by RSF, comes days before the hearing of an appeal brought against his detention order on January 18.

The list of signatories includes Dmitry Muratov (Russia), editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta newspaper and 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, media executives from Tunisia, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Norway, Ukraine. , Italy, Benin, Spain, Slovakia, Senegal, Finland and Gabon, as well as other prominent media figures from eight other countries around the world.

“The level of international outrage is consistent with the severe attack on press freedom represented by the imprisonment of Ihsane El Ghadi. His latest victim is a wave of repression that highlights the authorities’ desire to silence the country’s independent media. The Algerian authorities must heed this appeal launched by the world’s leading media leaders,” said RSF Secretary General Christophe Deloire. Underlines.

Ihsaneh El Ghadi, who suffered actual judicial persecution, was charged with receiving foreign funding and was taken into police custody on December 24, 2022, detained from the Sidi M’Hammad court by the investigating judge and imprisoned in El Prison. Harach prison in Algiers on December 29. On December 25, his media outlets Radio M and Maghreb Emergent were raided and sealed.