March 25, 2023

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Algeria wants to pay Morocco for the “murder” of three truckers

Ramtane Lamamra reiterated the Algerian president’s allegations against Morocco about three Algerian truckers killed on the Ouargla-Nouakchott axis on the Sahara and Mauritania border on November 1. According to Algerian officials, Morocco would have carried out the “cowardly massacre” with “sophisticated weapons.” The head of Algerian diplomacy condemned the silence of Moroccan officials on the matter and recalled that his country had already seized international companies “in an act of provocation to Morocco, contrary to customs and international law.”

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“Given the seriousness of such an act of massacre of innocent people, it is not possible to remain silent,” he said, stressing that Algeria’s final status does not depend on the reaction of international organizations. “Algeria will be independent, sovereign and transparent,” he said. The head of Algerian diplomacy notes that “Morocco’s open desire to engage in armed conflict with the police front in the liberated areas.” He also said he had no “accurate information” about the handing over of 11 Algerian prisoners to Moroccan authorities.

Ramdan Lamamra also confirmed Algeria’s participation in the Paris conference on Libya on Friday, November 12, however, noting that “conditions for the personal participation of the President of the Republic have not been met.” “Our Libyan brethren want to see Algeria actively participate in the Paris conference on Libya, just weeks before the election in Sister Libya,” Lamamra said, welcoming the authorities’ new approach to Algeria.

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“You followed the statement released yesterday from the Elysee Palace. Contrary to what caused the crisis, this report contains reasonable comments. These are ideas that respect Algeria, its history, its past and present and Algerian sovereignty. Furthermore, Algeria’s role in the region has been described as vital and important, and Algeria recognizes the positive role of an actor, ”Lamarra said in a statement issued on Tuesday. East during the North Africa and Central press conference.

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