March 26, 2023

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Algeria’s participation in Vostok 2022: DGSE’s ex-intelligence chief condemns France’s silence

Alain Juillet, the former head of French intelligence, gave a long interview in which he raised an important point, but was passed over in silence by France: Algeria’s participation in Operation Vostok 2022, a scale of military action carried out in collaboration with Russia.

On October 18, a program focused on the threats that await the France of tomorrow was broadcast on the VA+ channel, which is affiliated with the French magazine. Current values, presented by Alain Joulet, a man with an impressive curriculum vitae in its collection. Colonel reserve parachutist, graduate of the staff and especially the institute of higher studies of internal security, adviser of foreign trade of France from 1978 to 2002, this senior civil servant and company manager, appointed patron of external intelligence services. (DGSE), then in 2003, the Senior Officer in charge of Economic Intelligence in the Secretariat General of National Defense (SGDN)…

In this interview of more than an hour, Alain Juillet, in the light of his rich experience, returns to the theaters of conflicts that currently occupy the center of the news, especially in France.

In this exchange, which aims to better understand geopolitical issues, he gives a catalog of French intelligence, while analyzing the fear associated with the end of the West and its hegemony, especially in light of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

“The Ukrainian issue is a fascinating situation, not only because of what is happening there, but because of all the activities of influence and the manipulation of the population,” explains the commander-in-chief of the brigade, among his many decorations. Honorary and Knight of the National Order of Merit in Military Merit.

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“There are many lessons for everyone from this. I am interested, and interested, in seeing what is happening in Ukraine and not what is happening elsewhere, and what are the consequences or elements of the Ukrainian affair. Fingers crossed on Algeria’s policy in this area.

At the gates of Europe, a country with a double game

So, for example, Alain Joulet continues, “There was a fortnight ago, but practically no one talked about it, a military exercise carried out in Asia, called Vostok 2022, in which there were 50,000 Russian soldiers. That is a quarter of the current workforce in Ukraine”, but, He also mentions Chinese, Indian and Algerian players.

In fact, during these maneuvers between 1There is And on September 7, artillery, tanks and missiles took part in a demonstration of Sino-Russian friendship, but not only that… We had to count 2,000 foreign soldiers among the group of 50,000 Russian soldiers from Central Asia. , Laos, Burma, Syria, India and finally… Algeria.

Algerian participation in Operation Vostok 2022 is not insignificant for the former French intelligence director, however, he underlines, “Nobody in France talks about the fact that Algeria is participating in it.”

According to Alain Juillet, this military participation of Algeria “proves that very close to us, on the other side of the Mediterranean, there is a country where our president was a short time ago, which ultimately maneuvers with the Russians and openly disagrees with what is happening in Europe.

It has returned to Ukraine following the visit of Emmanuel Macron, thus highlighting the paradox of French policy of positioning itself against Russia while strengthening diplomatic, political and economic ties with its ally Algeria. In August, with Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne no less than fifteen ministers, Alain Joulet invites us to think about these “interesting things” because, he judges, “the rest are complicated.”

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Vostok 2022, Algerian pride, France struggles to hide

The silence of France and the media is resolute. In fact, some media mentioned Operation Vostok 2022, incl Le Figaro Or C newsUnlike the participation of China, Syria, India and Belarus, there is no mention of Algerian participation in these maneuvers, which are well documented.

Faced with this deafening but instructive French silence, the Algerian state media did not adhere to the same rule and made their country’s participation in Vostok 2022 a prominent event in their editorial lineup.

Starting with state television AL24It dedicated a television report titled “Vostok 2022: maneuvers of great strategic importance”.

“The strategic purpose of this event is clear and the chosen timing is unmistakable,” the report, which proudly shellacked elements of the military arsenal used during Vostok 2022, clearly dictated. Emphasizing the strengthening of Sino-Russian friendship and India’s participation through these activities, it augurs well for the “continuing reorganization of the world geopolitical chessboard”, in which the Algerian National Army is also involved. It also affirms the pole of balance of universal purpose performed.