March 25, 2023

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An increase in the aggression rate of REA beds allowed 21 severe cases within 24 hours

The rate of stay in intensive care beds continues its upward trend due to the new acute exposures allowed in intensive care. In fact, this Friday, December 31st, 21 people were admitted to intensive care for a total of 140 people nationwide, bringing the aggression rate to 2.7%. Thus, the total number of cases under artificial respiration was 87 cases and two cases under injection.

In addition, in the last 24 hours in Morocco, six new deaths due to Govt-19 have been reported, bringing the national total to 14,849 since the outbreak. The mortality rate this Friday was 1.54%.

In detail, the deaths are distributed as follows: 1 death in Casablanca-Chettot area in Casablanca, 1 new death in Chaus-Massa in Disneyland, 2 deaths in Fess-Megnes area (1 in Fesil, El Hazepil 1), 1 new in Beni Mellal-Kenifra area in Beni Mell. Death and death in the town of Guelmim (Quelmim-Owd noun area). No casualties were reported in the last 24 hours in other parts of the kingdom.

According to the Epidemiology Report of the Ministry of Health, 660 cures have been recorded in Morocco, bringing the total to 940,193 reliefs nationally since the outbreak. The treatment rate this Friday was 97.62%, while the total number of active cases was 14,849 (1.54%).

In addition, and as indicated by the Hespress Tracking and Tracking Site,, In the last 24 hours, the Kingdom has identified 2,034 new confirmed Covit-19 cases, bringing the number of nationally proven pollutants to 963,092, while the overall incidence rate has reached 2,635.8 / 100,000 people. The total number of PCR tests performed since the onset of the epidemic has reached 9,881,067, including 17,159 tests performed in the last 24 hours.

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As for the vaccine, the number of users of the first dose of the vaccine has reached 24,557,876 since the start of the national campaign, with 22,931,922 people receiving the second dose and 2,991,107 receiving the third dose, according to the Department of Khalid Aid Talps.

The Ministry of Health calls on citizens to respect the rules of health and hygiene and to take preventive measures taken by the Moroccan authorities by showing responsibility and patriotism.