March 26, 2023

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An inspiring geopolitical lesson by Joseph Borel

Letter from Brussels

This is a speech referring to Brussels. European training ambassadors who wish to train at its own academy, which the European Union (EU) now employs, can now study it. On Monday 10 October, EU High Representative Joseph Borrell addressed some 135 EU ambassadors at the start of their annual conference, which ends on Friday 14 October. And he’s a lesson in geopolitics for both of them, a clear but encouraging session that confronts weaknesses, sometimes with diplomatic spades.

“I don’t have time to send you flowers, to tell you that you are beautiful and that you will do well. (…). It’s time for us to talk together about how “enough” doesn’t work well enough.Since 2019, the Catalan ambassador, the head of the EU’s European External Action Service, has been attacked.

One thing is clear: European diplomatic forces are not doing enough today. “I must be the most learned man on the planet. [mais] Sometimes I know more about what’s going on by reading the press than by reading your reports. » And to drive the point home: “I am the ‘Foreign Minister of Europe’. Act as if you were working in a national embassy: telegraph, cable, e-mail – send quickly, quickly, please. React. »

In essence, the High Representative of the European Union delivered a geopolitical master class on the challenges facing Europe. He presented his analysis of a continent trapped in a continent “Extreme Uncertainty” Today it still depends on American, Chinese and… Russian powers. “We have separated the sources of our prosperity from the sources of our security”, He cited analysis by researcher Oliver Schmidt, a professor at the Center for War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

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“Adjustment will be very difficult”

It recalls how the EU has built its wealth and recent growth on very low energy prices – mostly from Russia – and trade – exports of machinery and low-cost imports of goods – with China. “I think Chinese workers and their low wages have done more to control inflation than any central bank action.” Global…

The war in Ukraine certainly calls into question dependent relations with Russia, as Europe is already seeing rising energy prices. Relations with China have also weakened significantly after the crisis caused by Covid-19 and the renewal of Xi Jinping’s third term. “Adjustment will be very difficult”He predicted.

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