May 30, 2023

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ANME condemns RSF’s “false” report

After the government, it is the turn of the National Association of Media and Publishers (ANME) to condemn the “false” report of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in Morocco, where one only has to read a few paragraphs to realize that it is very objective. character, because it does not reflect the reality of journalism in Morocco. The RSF report is released every year on the occasion of National Press Freedom Day, which is celebrated on May 3.

In a press release, ANME said it had read a few paragraphs from “Reporters Without Borders” following the publication of RSF’s annual report.RSF) on the occasion of National Press Freedom Day, titled “Report on Press Freedom in the North Africa and Middle East Region (NMEA)”.

The withdrawal from ANME follows the government ripping up the said statement, deeming RSF as “an organization in the service of multiple agendas, which unfortunately has nothing to do with journalism in our country”. »

ANME notes that this is a report similar to those published in previous years; Because this organization will always rely on misinformation, slander, and mislead world public opinion, based on trend data, and by selecting some experts to make the same value judgments.

Every year, the organization “Reporters Without Borders” directly attacks certain countries and/or institutions, using false terms such as freedom of expression, arbitrary arrest, etc., with the aim of facilitating its control over these countries. To serve certain agendas, both politically and economically.

ANME recalls that this type of statement aimed at delaying the paths of development and sovereign independence of countries in the North Africa and Middle East region has existed for many years, such as our country, Morocco.

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ANME disapproves of the treatment of false cases indicated by its annual report on Morocco’s freedom of expression, which ranked 144th in the world and what RSF called unfair trials of journalists, distorting confessions against them.

So, it sends a reminder to RSF:

1/ The status of “Reporters Without Borders” does not allow us to “assess” the situation of press and press freedom in Morocco, as it is engaged in the service of some foreign agenda.

2/ The lack of objectivity and reliability places the system in a position of intellectual integrity, especially as it always relies on the same experts and legal experts as sources of information.

3/ “Reporters Without Borders” involves judges, lawyers and observers intolerably involved in the internal affairs of the state and the independence of its institutions through continuous questioning of judicial bodies, including civil society and human rights.

4/ Reporters Without Borders” deliberately focuses on “the glass half empty” and hides the real achievements that reflect the growth Morocco has experienced in recent years; Constitutionally and politically, or at the level of support for the professional and social conditions of journalists, for example, social grants.

5/ Finally, the Association recommends that the organization be renamed “Reporters Without Borders”.

“Manipulators without boundaries”, so the name matches his actions, his style and the complexity of his hate.