April 1, 2023

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Aousserd Province: INDH supports income generating programs

Monday, May 30, 2022 at 6:09 p.m.

Bir Gandouz (Aousserd Province) – The third phase of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) focuses on the province of Aousserd, in the axis of support for income-generating programs, as part of improving youth incomes. Economic Inclusion Plan.

In fact, many lucrative projects are grateful for INDH’s intervention, which aims to support the interests of project leaders and contribute to the development of a new socio – economic dynamic in the province of Aousserd.

Therefore, the third phase of INDH (2019-2023) combines capital and renewed emphasis on improving human capital, contributing to improving the quality of benefits and jobs by introducing new generation innovative income generating efforts. Opportunities.

Certainly, many young people in the province have benefited from the support and supervision of the Aousserd site, and Lahcen Bouzagni, head of such a car repair program, praised the services rendered to him in the area.

In a statement to MAP’s regular news channel M24, Mr. Bouzagni insisted he was encouraged by the executives of Aousserd’s youth platform.

Thanks to INDH’s intervention and financial assistance, he said, “I was able to move my project forward and overcome these difficulties.”

For her part, Nadia al-Kalki was a young entrepreneur who was able to set up her laundry center in the center of Bir Kondos, where she was initially hesitant about the success of her project, especially in this area. No high population density.

“After benefiting from training on the youth platform, I developed the idea of ​​my project using the experience and expertise I had accumulated on this site,” he explained.

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Ms Al-Kalki said she had learned the right techniques to further develop her project and appreciated the quality of support provided to the youth.

INDH has placed human capital at the center of its concerns, since HM King VI VI launched its third phase in September 2018, the essential lever for growth.

The strategic objectives of this phase III are aimed at achieving inclusive human development that allows equal opportunities for all citizens.