March 25, 2023

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Arms continue to flow to Ukraine: Washington puts pressure on Moscow

The United States announced $ 150 million in new military aid to Ukraine on Friday, May 6, including artillery and radars: specifically 25,000 155 mm bombs, anti-battery radars for detecting Russian artillery and telecommunications equipment. They said they had replaced a limited number of radars and that 80% of the US-made M77 howitzers had been diverted to Ukraine.

According to a Pentagon official, Washington “Has provided 5,000 Clochester Javelin aircraft specially designed for Ukraine since its launch in the country”, Along with that “The United States has trained more than 170 Ukrainian soldiers in more than one location.” A Pentagon spokesman said his country had completed training for 200 Ukrainian soldiers to use 155 mm howitzers, and 150 were continuing training. At 10 meters long, weighs 5 tons and has a range of 30 km, this British-made gun requires 9 to 10 men to operate. According to the Americans, its entry into the war would make it possible to impose a fire control zone on one land, especially in the grasslands of the Donbass. Russians.

At the same time, the Americans are pressuring their European allies to supply the Ukrainian military with shares of their own forces. According to the Greek media, Athens was ordered to surrender its S-300 missiles purchased from Russia in support of Ukraine. Athens rejected the US request on the grounds that Turkey was the only country facing danger, the same media reported. He had already told the Americans that he had sent military aid to kyiv within the limits of his capabilities and did not want to send any more so as not to weaken his military arsenal. Last month, Slovakia delivered its S-300s to Ukraine in exchange for three US Patriot batteries supplied by Germany and Holland.

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This month, the United States forced Germany to take stock of its military and send a variety of armored vehicles. Leopard, Specializes in anti-aircraft security, Berlin previously announced that it had reached the limits of its shares. The Germans had to supply tanks to Slovenia so that this former Yugoslav country could transfer its own Soviet-made tanks to Ukraine. France has already announced that it will send Caesar rifles with a range of up to 40 kilometers, and the United Kingdom has donated StarStreaks anti-aircraft missiles and armored vehicles.

On the contrary, Moscow repeatedly announced that it was bombing an arms ship sent to the Ukrainians by the West. As of Saturday, April 7, the Russian Defense Ministry said that a significant amount of US and Western military weapons and equipment had been destroyed in the Kharkov province (Kharkiv) by precise Iskander attacks.

According to Igor Konashenko, these high-precision missiles strike the vicinity of Krasnograd and Karlovka stations. According to him, they also removed elements of the 58th Mechanized Infantry Regiment of the Ukrainian Army. The Russian general announced on Friday, May 6, the destruction of a large ammunition depot in Gramatorsk, north of the city of Donetsk, as well as several TOSCO organizations in Zaragoza and 10 military meeting points.

Waltz off “Terrible”

At the same time, it should be emphasized that the relentless flow of Western volunteers is still moving towards Ukraine, where the Moscow-led war effort is aimed at “militarizing” the country as it prepares to join NATO. Swiss television revealed that dozens of mercenaries from Swiss soil had joined Ukrainian forces at the start of Russian operations in Ukraine.

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In response to a request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, they registered with the Ukrainian embassy in Geneva, where the Swiss media reported that not all of them were Swiss and that some of them were from Kosovo and had served in the British and US armies. However, Geneva did not encourage its citizens to take part in the war in Ukraine.

The same event that the US government announces is not encouraging U.S. citizens to travel to this country in the United States: captured by private American companies. Their ads are plentiful in the media with the aim of recruiting mercenaries with military expertise in exchange for an attractive salary estimated at US $ 1000 to US $ 2000 per day!

According to the Qatar Channel’s Arabic language website Al-Jazeera, Community Quiet professionals This is one of the mercenary recruitment companies. He points out that the tasks assigned to them are security tasks that evict the family. Al-Jazeera According to its announcement, the company has brought back some of the skills and experience it needs. All applicants should have 5 years of military experience, have proper operational knowledge in handling small arms and enjoy excellent performance and critical thinking skills with the ability to operate using maps and compasses in difficult situations. Although this notice does not specify the request of a particular country, it does give preference to holders of US, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or Polish passports or dual citizenship with one of the EU members. Countries of the Schengen system.

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This announcement is in favor of those with experience and knowledge in identifying vehicles, aircraft and naval vehicles of Soviet and NATO period military weapons. Driving in addition to those with previous experience as a military driver, especially as an individual or as part of a very small convoy in hostile territory.