March 30, 2023

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Arms imports boom in Europe

Arms imports to Europe will almost double by 2022, driven by massive deliveries to Ukraine, making it the world’s third largest, according to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (CIPR) published on Monday.

With a 93% year-on-year increase, imports have increased due to increases in military spending by several European countries, such as Poland and Norway, which should accelerate further, according to this reference study.

“The invasion has actually caused a significant surge in demand for weapons in Europe, which has yet to show its full force, and will lead to a further increase in imports,” Peter told AFP. Wezeman, co-editor of the Annual Report for more than three decades.
According to data from Sibri, the increase in European imports, excluding Ukraine, has reached 35% in 2022.

As a direct result of Western aid to stave off Russian aggression, Ukraine has by far been a major arms importer.

The country alone accounts for 31% of Europe’s arms imports and 8% of global trade, according to data sent to AFP by Sibri as part of its annual report.
Kyiv’s imports, including Western donations, will increase more than 60-fold by 2022, the Stockholm-based firm said.

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