March 30, 2023

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Complete News World Podcast – Review of the week of February 20 to 26, 2023 offers you a recap of the week’s top news.

Review of the week 20 As on February 26, 2023:

1- Ukraine has been ravaged by war for a year since the surprise invasion of the country by Russian troops on February 24, 2022. During the session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Morocco voted in favor of a resolution and “withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine”.

As a reminder, in March 2022, the Kingdom did not participate in the vote on a similar UN resolution condemning the Russian occupation of Ukraine, but voted in October in favor of a resolution calling on Moscow to reconsider its “illegal. Attempted annexation of four Ukrainian regions”.

2 – Salary increase for journalists from the end of February 2023. Professional journalists will see a salary increase of 2000 dirhams and employees of media companies will see a 1000 dirham increase if they have more than 4 years of seniority.

The decision, which will take effect from the end of February, follows an agreement signed between the National Association of Media and Publishers (ANME) and the National Syndicate of Moroccan Press (SNPM). The increase will be paid in two installments: the first three months after the signing of the agreement and the second, one year after the first installment, according to a press release from the Ministry of Communications.

3 – The text of the draft Penal Code is being finalized by the government, which was announced by the Minister of Justice Abdullatif Owabi before the Justice and Legal Committee of the House of Representatives. The Law Ministry is awaiting comments from some government departments. Mr. Ouahbi insisted that the draft penal code would include provisions governing freedom of expression on social networks, noting that “some people use these social networks to say anything.”

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He also filed another bill that would allow companies, laboratories and offices to register in the list of legal professionals, with the aim of eliminating the weaknesses of the text that has been in place for 20 years, especially in the light of technical and technological developments. Techniques used in expertise.

4 – Good financial news for Morocco, which succeeded in getting off the “grey list” of the Financial Action Task Force, a global watchdog on money laundering and terrorist financing. In their report, FATF experts commended the Kingdom for its organization to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, according to international standards, and the total value of all the commitments mentioned in its action plan.

5 – Towards a return to normal prices of food items with high consumption during Ramadan. Prices of red and white meats, some vegetables such as tomatoes and some basic commodities have fallen over the past two weeks, due to an oversupply in markets and tightening controls on production and marketing chains. This was mentioned during a meeting of the High Level Intergovernmental Panel on Monitoring and Monitoring Supply Chains, Market Supply and Prices.

Appreciating the efforts of various stakeholders, the Commission intensified efforts to maintain awareness, guarantee regular supply of markets, improve efficiency of distribution and marketing system, support purchasing power of citizens and protect their safety and health. .

6 – Moroccan men and women selected in the draw for Hajj 2023 must collect their selection certificates from local authorities, fill them out and have them stamped by travel agencies authorized to organize this year’s pilgrimage, a newspaper reported. Publication of Ministry of Tourism.

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7 – Moroccan singer, Saad Lamjarret, was sentenced to 6 years in prison in Paris for “aggravated rape” and “intentional violence” by Laura Briol. The jury found that the plaintiff’s medical certificate detailing the physical injuries was “consistent” with what she said, and said the victim did not scratch the singer’s back as she claimed.

8 – Make a lot of money with your popularity on social networks, yes, this is the job of an influencer. In Morocco, the market of influence is estimated at 3 billion dirhams, Moroccan researcher Othman El Ouazani revealed in an interview with Delqual.

9 – A stone with inscriptions in the ancient Amazigh language called Libyan is currently being sought. He was reportedly found near the town of El Jadida and photos of him were recently shared on Facebook. Rabat’s National Institute of Archeology and Heritage Sciences (INSAP) has launched this research with the aim of finding this stone.

10 – In international news, an unusual robbery. In Niger, four armed men managed to steal $40,000 from the US Air Force base “Air Base 201” in broad daylight. This incredible story called into question the “credibility” of the American soldiers stationed there. According to the US site + The Intercept + , the site is located north of Niger, in Agadez and between the important Sahara desert and the semi-arid zone of the Sahel, a key point in intelligence, surveillance and efforts. Protects all of North and West Africa.

It was’s for the week 20 or 26 See you next week, February 2023!

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