March 25, 2023

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At least 41 terrorists were neutralized and over 44 arrested in two weeks

From 23 September to 07 October, the Armed Forces (FAMA) neutralized 41 terrorists and arrested at least 44 people following several military operations across the country.

A military statement published on its official website indicated that in the central theater of Operation Maliko, FAMA carried out military operations that led to the arrest of 05 terror suspects, including Alhadi Diakid, on September 27 at Sofara fair in Mopti region. Called Abo Anas, the Khatiba Masina officer commanding the Sofara and Bandiagara divisions.

In Ganguel sector, Djenné circle, Mopti region, FAMA neutralized, on September 29, two terrorists and 02 motorcycles and several weapons were recovered, adds the same evidence.

Opportunistic patrols conducted by airstrikes in Taimaba and Bamada area of ​​Nyono Circle from 3rd to 5th October enabled neutralization of 31 terrorists and destruction of 02 bases and logistics sites along with all heavy equipment. The report said.

He mentioned that through the search conducted in Sofara area on October 04, 33 terrorists have been arrested and in the current investigation 15 terrorists have been traced and registered in the databases.

In Konna Sector, Mobdi Region, FAMA Offensive Intelligence Mission arrested 04 terror suspects on October 06, the statement said. 17 suspects arrested.

Regarding the eastern theater of Operation Maliko in Manaka and Gao region, the operational priority focused on gathering intelligence on terrorists responsible for atrocities against the people, the Army noted that 03 tricycles and 05 motorcycles and several spare parts were recovered. parts.

At Fidli Forest Sanctuary, south of Tesit, on September 27, intelligence exploits carried out attacks on 02 terrorist logistics sites, neutralizing 08 terrorists with a balance sheet, injuring many and destroying critical equipment, the press release said. . As for Operation Maliko South, the Army pointed out that on October 4, FAMA had arrested a wanted major logistics terrorist in Kottiala sector.

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Also, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reminds the public that “FAMA’s only priority is the safety and security of the people”. The military “calls for vigilance and restraint against the propaganda, brainwashing and disinformation trends of some media that only aim to sow chaos, hatred, division and devastation in Mali”.