April 1, 2023

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At Peking University, students protested against the zero Govt strategy

Chinese students protest on their campus against the harsh imprisonment practiced in Beijing.

Hundreds of students at the prestigious Beijing University protested against the strengthening of anti-Govt. This extreme sensibility in the eyes of the Chinese power is an unusual gesture that transcends the establishment. The Chinese capital has been subject to severe anti-infective measures since the beginning of May, with almost daily screening tests and strong incentives to work from home. Restaurants and other non-essential businesses have been closed and many apartments have been jailed.

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Although the city of more than 20 million people has registered only a thousand cases in recent weeks, the Communist regime has remained steadfast in its zero Govt policy, which has faced millions of deaths. The world. But more than 300 students were locked up in their dormitories for a week and protested inside the Vanliu campus on Sunday evening, one of the Peking University’s sites, many students who did not know the name for fear of punishment. In content-checked videos by AFP, we see students repeatedly chanting slogans and shouting at a university official. Students removed a fence erected by the university to prevent students from leaving their dormitories and ordering food. “Everyone was very upset when Bolicade was installed”A student testified Monday.

The university is the birthplace of the Tiananmen struggles

Eventually a university vice-chancellor used a megaphone to address protesters, calling them out “Add [leur] Quiet shelter “, According to a video sent by a student. After that, university officials promised to allow students to join the main teaching campus and provide food. “You must do what the government says, you must take all your liberties for yourself.”, A student commented to AFP. Contacted management “Beta”Peking University refused to qualify because of its nickname “Expression”Simply referring to “Students who made their demands”. The prestigious University of 1989 was the cradle of the Tiananmen protests for democracy, which ended in bloodshed on the night of June 3 to 4, 1989. Therefore, it is seen as milk in the fire by the talented. “Today we see the tradition of struggle of the Baita students rising from the ashes.”Greeted a user on the social network Weibo, a comment was immediately censored.

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The government has not given up on the zero govt affair

Dissatisfaction is also significant in the country’s most populous city, Shanghai, whose 25 million people have been isolated since early April. In an effort to give people some confidence, officials announced it would reopen on Sunday “In stages” Shopping in store. An opportunity that will not change anything for the millions of people who are still locked up in their homes or isolated centers. “I have little faith” Will be reopening soon, a restaurant anonymous told AFP. “Why do people still believe these things? Since April 1st, we have been joking every day.. After crossing 25,000 daily cases by the end of April, Shanghai on Monday reduced its number to less than a thousand new infections. Chinese economic capital has also recorded nearly 600 deaths since mid-March. Although these figures are low compared to the rest of the world, the communist regime remains true to its zero-sum Govt strategy, despite its economic cost and its growing influence.