May 29, 2023

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At the Decadal in Tunis, Japan recalled that it did not recognize the Polisario

In a solemn declaration during the work of the 8th Japan-Africa International Conference on Continental Development (DICOT 8) held in Tunis on August 27 and 28, Tokyo reaffirmed its non-recognition of the separatist movement. Its presence imposed by Tunisia has no effect on its position

Japan expressed its disapproval of Polisario separatists’ participation in the 8th Japan-Africa International Conference on Continental Development (DICAD 8) held in Tunis on 27 and 28 August.

During the work of the first plenary session of the Decad Summit, the Japanese delegation issued a statement in which it reaffirmed. “TICAD is a forum for discussion on Africa’s development” And “The presence of any organization that Japan does not recognize as a sovereign state at meetings related to TIcad 8, including the Senior Officials Meeting and the Summit Meeting, shall not affect Japan’s position on the status of this organization.

The announcement confirms the position already expressed by Tokyo on several occasions, according to which invitations to the upcoming summit, exclusively and jointly from Tunisia and Japan, were sent only to states officially recognized by Tokyo and were not subject to Africa’s sanctions. Union.

A Japanese delegation was placed by the host country, which was given the freedom to unilaterally grant recognition to the puppet company, “Regrettable and undeserved, it undermined the solemnity and peace that marked this important and anticipated meeting of the Japan-Africa partnership”MAP Company provides feedback.

Japan officially announced on August 19, 2022 that it had categorically and unequivocally rejected the African Union Commission’s earlier invitation to the separatist organization to attend the summit, in defiance of formally agreed procedure. It is known that it does not bind him in any way, continuing the same source, referring verbally to the Japan Mission to the African Union. As stated in the press release of the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs In his reply To the oddities of Tunisia To justify the reception “specific” Made to Polisario leader by Tunisian President Gais Said.

The Delegation of Japan to the African Union (AU) clarified in a letter to the AU Commission on August 19, 2022 that only states jointly invited by the Prime Minister are authorized to attend Ticad 8. Japanese Minister Kishida Fumio and Tunisian. President Qais Syed

Tunisia, in its capacity as a host country, has not taken any consideration of the objections expressed by Japan, it is underlined.

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Morocco had decided not to participate in the summit Immediately recall its ambassador in Tunis in consultation “This country’s approach within the framework of the Japan-Africa Cooperation Forum process is a blatant affirmation of its hostility towards the kingdom”.

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