February 4, 2023

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At USA-Africa summit, Biden calls for Africa’s place at G20 – Africa

US President Joe Biden expressed his support for a seat for Africa at the G20 in Washington on Thursday, saying he will visit the continent soon.

“African Voices, African Leadership, African Innovation” A myriad of global challenges must be addressed, he told the US-Africa Leaders Summit.

“Africa has a place in every room, in every room where global challenges are discussed, in every institution where discussions take place”Mr. Biden insisted.

The US president emphasized that the US is willing to work with Africa instead of sending aid and assistance.

“Over the next three years, and in close collaboration with the US Congress, we plan to provide $55 billion to Africa to advance our shared priorities and support Agenda 2063”he said.

“This figure reflects America’s overall commitment to investing in African people, African infrastructure, African agriculture, African health care, African security, and more.”Mr. Biden added.

He also indicated that he would be touring Africa and that several US officials would visit the continent.

“Looking forward to visiting your continent”Biden spoke in front of nearly 50 leaders attending the summit.

The US-Africa Leaders Summit brings together civil society and private sector representatives from nearly 50 countries on the African continent, in addition to US administration and African Union Commission officials.

Participants in the three-day conference discuss issues ranging from the Covid-19 pandemic to climate change, including democracy, governance, security, trade, investments, and developing partnerships between African countries and the United States.

Prime Minister Aziz Akannooch is representing HM King Mohammed VI at the summit held in the US federal capital, Washington, from December 13 to 15. (with MAP)

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