April 1, 2023

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Bamako Art Gallery: Photos depicting the current situation in Mali

#Mali : Pamago Art Gallery hosted a photo exhibition on Saturday, May 21, 2022, entitled “Entre-Deux”. During the opening ceremony, the works of DiCaridia Troy and Mariam Nyare were presented to the public.

“Entre-Deux” is an exhibition that brings together two artists, Diakaridia TraorĂ© and Mariam NiarĂ©, represented by the Bamako Art Gallery. If one is a visual artist and has a favorite field of painting, the other, a concept artist, draws with light.

However, both generally prefer to refer to traditional African practices in their works and to place experimentation and research at the center of their artistic approaches. For one, for the other, it is not a true re-creation of reality in their works, but rather a retrieval and transformation of it into their vision, their identities, their intimate questions being created through a style and virtual language. .

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They are both inspired by the bar’s consistent theme and drinking, the main theme of Diocaridia Troy’s paintings, or the references to the image and refinement rituals in Mariam Niro’s photographs. The change of society, its nature and habits, their relationship to the search for identity. Both artists express themselves in the contemporary while at the same time blending with the tradition.

According to Bart Auvergne, EU Ambassador to Mali, culture is one of the best ways for Mali and Mali to get to know each other and give a more positive image to the country. According to him, the cultural sector has a strong regression and contributes to improving the image of the country.

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