June 6, 2023

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Beautiful under the sun – Moroccan women

Beautiful golden skin

We cannot stress this enough. The sine qua non condition for a successful tan is to expose yourself to sunlight between 11 am and 3 pm and to apply a protective sunscreen every two hours and spread it liberally.
Our suggestions : A beautiful tan is progressive and is obtained by constantly exposing yourself to the outdoors. Using a self-tanner is a plus to properly prepare your skin, as are foods or fruit cocktails rich in beta-carotene (apricots, mangoes, passion fruit).

Luminous color

Not everyone has time to go for a lazy session in the open air and get color… No problem, tinted creams do the trick, especially the latest generation, designed to lighten the complexion. They are in day cream (or alone, if BB cream). Starting from the center of the face, smooth down the ears and continue to the hairline on the forehead, not forgetting the neck. Sun powder applied all over the face gives a beautiful natural tanned effect.
Our suggestions : Choose a cream or powder with a sun protection factor of at least 15 SPF.

Beautiful color, beautiful blush

Sun powders, foundations, tinted BB creams…this season, healthy-looking tools are invading makeup shelves. The case of Bronzing Duo by Clarins is one of them. Its colors are warm and delicately mimic the effect of the sun. These dual colors (one light, the other dark) come in three standard possibilities to suit different skin tones. Its SPF 15 protection index extends its list of benefits.
Our suggestions : Cheeks, forehead, nose, chin: Use a darker shade on areas that are usually exposed to the sun the most. Blend the two shades to the rest of the face, especially the eyelids and neck. Take the time to blend well with a large brush.

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Eyeliner and eyeshadow

The eyeliner is graphic and colorful. But if you are not a fan of eyeliner, you can bet on colored eyeshadow. Pop colors like pink and orange are the summer trend. You can also bet on eyeshadow in copper, amber or brown tones to highlight your eyes.
Our suggestions : For a glamorous look, the Cole property is irresistible. It strengthens the look. Finish the eye makeup by applying mascara (waterproof is best for the beach).

Shiny mouth

Better keep our matte reds for winter: more sophisticated for summer’s wild wave! Here is the solution for shiny, fresh and thirsty lips.
Our suggestions : To be right on trend, bet on glossy and thick liquid lipstick, and know that the main color of the summer season is peach or coral shade.

Wet hair effect

Wet hair style “I have just come from bathing in the sea” A safe bet. Beware of lambda gel, which can dry and clump hair, or certain oils that make hair greasy. For better hair, opt for dry oils.
Our suggestions : If you have long hair, coat the roots with hair oil and the ends with conditioning oil. Choose a wet look gel if you have short or bobbed hair.

Our choice

Ulitimate XL UV Protection, Aqua Gel, Lancôme.

UV Protection, Skin Care Daily Care. SPF50, Vichy.
Sun Care Oil Spray, SPF30, Clarins.
Pleasure Sun, High Protection Sunscreen, Face, Torpin.
UV Expert, High Protection, Lancôme.
Sun Beauty, Bronze Intensity, Lancaster.
Moisturizing Self Tanner, Face and Body, Ave.
Essential Bronze Milk, Lancaster.
Sun spray, SPF15, Clarins.
Fine Solar Mist, SPF50+, Mixa.
Sun Melting Milk, Sensitive to Reactive Skin, SPF50+, Mixa.
Optimum Tolerance Sun Milk, Sensitive Skin, SPF50, Mixa.
Fresh Moisturizing Milk, Face & Body, SPF50+, Vichy.
Perfect Skin Sunscreen, After Sun, Yves Rocher.
Idealia, pp Cream, SPF25, Vichy.

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Summer fragrance Terracotta, Guerlain.

Sunific Solaire iridescent powder, SPF 30, Lierac.

Healthy Glow Powder, Givenchy.

Nomad Loose Powder, Terracotta Touch, Guerlain.

Terracotta New Light Bronze, Guerlain.

Hydra Life, BB Cream, Dior.

Wet Effect Gel, Phyto.

Satin Shine Oil, Solar Sublime, L’Oreal.

Absolute Glow, Lancôme.

Shine in love, Lancôme.

Hell of Close, Kerlin.

Solar Compact, SPF30, Vichy.

Sunific Solaire iridescent powder, SPF30, Lierac.

Highest protection, SPF50, Avène.

Monoi Dry Oil, Yves Rocher.

Summer Protection Oil, René Furterer.

Natural shine, styling cream for dry hair, Leonor Grey.

Wet Effect Gel, Studio Line L’Oréal Paris.

Lula Fluorescent Eyeliner Waterpoof, Kajal.

Monologue Eyeliner, Pecks Beauty.

Eye ointment, clinic.

Multi-Benefit Express Treatment, SPF50, Darphin.

After Sun Repair Mask, René FurTerrible.

Matte Foundation, Mineral Powder, Matte Minerals, Une.

Fine Oil, Biological, Matrix.

Self Tanning Gel, Tanning Shadow, Shiseido.

High Nourishing Renewing Balm, L’Oréal Professionnel.

Aqua Cream, a waterproof cream shade for eyelids, lips and cheeks, Make Up For Ever.

Wonderful oil, Nux.