March 30, 2023

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Bouraoui case: Algeria “wants balance of power” to get its hands on worst enemy France refuses to hand over


Algeria, it is Wednesday, February 8 “For advice» His ambassador in France protested «Illegal evictionThrough Tunisia, Franco-Algerian activist Amira Bourouin, a case that has rekindled bilateral tensions, will no longer collect its illegalities in France. Le Figaro.

“Algeria has therefore not issued any laissez-passer to France for almost a month. Like the reluctance to issue visas to French people who want to visit Algerian territory. Algiers is acting in retaliation for the Amira Bouroui affair, named after the militant gynecologist from the Hirag movement who voiced her opposition to former Algerian President Bouteflika.Le Figaro notes.

The Algerian press, close to the regime, condemned the move “Barbozard” In the case of Bouraoui. “It’s ridiculous, trust Picaro A former French ambassador, a great connoisseur of the region. French intelligence was not interested in Mme Bouraoui, the only enemy of the others. Our embassy in Tunis brought consular protection and that’s it.”

Emmanuel Macron, he is trying to calm the game. “I think there are a lot of people who are interested in what we’ve been doing over the years when Algeria didn’t win.” And the Head of State added: “I have a very simple message: I will continue, this is not the first firetamp, I have already had a few, but we must continue like this with humility and honesty”, He said recently.

however, “In France, several presidents confirmed to Le Figaro that the situation on the issue of visas and laissez-passer has been completely restricted to date, while Paris has restored its generous supply of visas (an average of 100,000 issued to Algerians per year)». Note Le Figaro.

A regional governor said with the same source: If Algeria fights over the Bouraoui issue, “It should establish the balance of power.”. Diplomatic sources say Algiers is specifically calling for the extradition of worst enemies, which France refuses to grant.

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