March 25, 2023

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Brahim Khali case: Security demands the appearance of the head of the Policario in Spain

The defense of the case of Brahim Khali demanded that the accused come to testify to explain that he had entered Spain with a false Algerian diplomatic passport and false identity.

Mohammed Benbatouch returns to the center of the affair with the illegal entry of Brahim Khali, the leader of the Sahrawi separatist militia Policario, backed by Algeria in the conflict in the Sahara, and with the complicity of the Sanchez government.

Defendant’s attorney denies that Brahim Khali entered Spain under the false identity of Mohammed Benbatouch, who was featured in a fake Algerian diplomatic passport issued to him on the same day.

The Spanish government, through a small airport in the city of Logrono, secretly arranged for the entry of Brahim Khali, unnoticed. He landed on the Iberian Peninsula and was transferred directly to the hospital, where he escaped customs checks and his identity and passport verification.

These customs checks would have made it possible for Brahim Khali to be held accountable and to have been wanted by Spanish courts since 2008 for a number of serious crimes, particularly genocide, enforced disappearances, torture and rape.

Defense attorney Antonio Urdiels believes that Magistrate Rafael Lassala should establish responsibility for Brahim Khali’s illegal entry, and in this sense, urged him to summon the leader of the Policario Front to testify. He used a false passport and registered under a false identity at a hospital in Logrono.

Attorney Brahim wants the vacancy to be heard “Duplicate use” and “Misuse of public document”. To this end, he believes that the address in Madrid should be the address that Brahim Ghali contacted to adjudicate in another case (with the judge closed) against Santiago Petras, and to find him from what he provided. It itself.

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In previous cases against Brahim Khali, the judges could not summon him because he could not find a valid address in Spain or Algeria to send the summons. Should appear.

Although it was not Brahim Khali who forged his false documents, they were given to him by Algeria, and lawyer Antonio Urdiels believes he has reason to sue in person.

“An unidentified third party physically provided the wrong document to the hospital, thus not releasing the beneficiary in any way.The lawyer also said who is committing this crime.

The lawyer, who sent a letter to Judge Lasala, asked the magistrate to quote the statements of former head of the Spanish embassy Aranja Gonzalez Laya, Camilo Villarino (both accused in the case, editorial note) and the former chief of staff. Staff of Interior Minister Susanna Chrysostomo to clarify who was responsible for informing the police that Brahim Khali had arrived in Spain.

In addition, when an alleged Algerian doctor and the son of a Polisario leader travel with Brahim Khali to Spain, it becomes a question of why and how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs apparently barred them from entering the border. The order was transferred to Zaragoza Air Force Base officials.

On February 7, Judge Lasala will testify as a witness at the Public Information Police Station, among others, at the hospital (false name, false passport) trying to explain why the police did not initiate an investigation into the use of false documents by Brahim Khali.