March 30, 2023

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Brahim Khali: The Sahrawi woman bravely faced all the dangers in the harshest conditions

Brahim Khali, President of the Sahrawi Republic and Secretary General (SG) of the Polisario Front, affirmed that the Sahrawi woman bravely faced all dangers and faced challenges in difficult situations. For Liberation, under the banner of the Polisario Popular Front.

On this day when women around the world celebrate their International Day, we pay tribute to the fighting, brave and heroic Sahrawi woman who has created a glorious history of struggle, resistance and self-sacrifice unparalleled in the world, noted President Khali. , in a message sent to a Sahrawi woman during the celebration of International Women’s Day, Sahrawi Press Agency (SPS) reported.

And, “Today, we want to pay tribute to all these Sahrawi women who have fallen as martyrs, these women who have been abducted, imprisoned, disappeared, victims of oppression, torture and kidnapping.
Defiant and courageous in exile, they are determined to continue their resistance and struggle to victory”.

“He noted the presence of the Sahrawi woman who knows how to impose herself in the Sahrawi revolution, and at the heart of the process of liberation and construction, together with her brothers in the struggle for freedom and dignity”.

In this regard, the Sahrawi President said that the Sahrawi woman “is now even more important, by assuming many responsibilities and positioning herself at the forefront by laying the foundations of the Sahrawi state in the most important sectors such as health. Education and administration.”

He affirmed that the Polisario Front is “very proud” of what the Sahrawi woman has achieved in the process of struggle and of her commitment to occupying activities and affirming the Front’s goals and principles in justice and equality. and trust, competence and competence in all spheres, political, socio-economic and administrative, administrative, legislative and judicial systems, at the internal frontline and diplomatic level.

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Mr. According to Khali, the celebration of International Women’s Day coincides with a specific anniversary in the history of the Sahrawi people, namely the martyrdom of the first Sahid in the war for national liberation of the Sahrawi people. The leadership of the Polisario Front, its legitimate and unique representative.

President Khali says the commemoration comes as the people are going through “a certain phase in their national struggle” following the Moroccan occupation state’s violation of the ceasefire agreement since November 13, 2020, especially after the resumption of armed action. .