March 22, 2023

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Brahim Khali was admitted to the hospital under false identification

An employee of the Logrono Hospital, who was on duty on April 18 when Brahim Ghali arrived in Spain, confirmed to the Judicial Police on December 14 that he had registered under the false identity of the leader of the Policario Front, Mohamed Benbatos. He handed her a passport with her name on it, which was issued to her the same day by Algerian authorities. Vospopuli.

Judge Rafael Lazala, who heard the case, ordered the judicial police to identify the employee and testify in order to shed light on the case. According to the police report, the passport issued was not scanned but was copied in black and white by the hospital admissions department and no attempt was made to identify Kali’s mate. From Algeria.

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The hospital’s director, Alberto Lafuente Jimenez, announced before a judge on July 21 that the president’s office, Elizio Shastri, had asked for permission to admit a patient without specifying who he was. According to Judge Lasala, this information reveals that he was aware of Khali’s arrival, which is being coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To clarify the matter, he summoned the Deputy Director of National Police (DAO), Jose Angel Gonzalez Jimenez, to appear next February 7 to confirm whether the Interior Ministry had been notified of Galle’s arrival.

Brahim Ghali arrived in Spain on April 18 on a medical flight from Algeria. He landed at the Zaragoza airport and, without completing customs duties, was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Logrono, where he was admitted under a false identification. The lieutenant general of the Air Force promised to receive instructions in this sense via whatsapp message from Camilo Villarino, the former commander-in-chief of González Laya.

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