March 26, 2023

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Canada guarantees 200 million doses of anticoagulant vaccines to poor countries by the end

The Canadian government on Saturday promised at the G20 summit that it would provide millions of additional vaccines to poor countries to fight the global GOD-19 epidemic.

“Canada will have at least 200 million doses of covax mechanism by the end of 2022,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement.

Of that number, the 10 million dose of moderna vaccine will be given to developing countries “quickly”, which is an “immediate” promise that the Canadian government will do.

Specially coordinated by the Vaccine Alliance and the World Health Organization (WHO) Kovacs 92 backward states and territories should be allowed to receive free vaccines with the financial assistance of the most prosperous countries.

Canada has also “pledged $ 15 million to increase vaccine production in South Africa,” Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Christiaan Freeland told a news conference in Rome.

This amount should contribute to the creation of a “technology transfer center” so that the region can produce messenger RNA vaccines against Covit-19.

“We are not restricting production, but we are confident that by 2022 we will be able to contribute at this level,” Minister Freeland assured, describing Canada’s commitment as “real” and “very important”.

In August, US company Moderna announced that it wanted to build a vaccine manufacturing plant in Canada, the first of its kind outside the United States.

Less than three million of the 40 million doses already promised by Canada were received by the Kovacs project on Saturday, with additional deliveries scheduled for “coming days,” according to the Canadian government.

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