March 30, 2023

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Caroline Travers, a former supporter of Leila Achi, was invested by the Macronist party in the 9th Circo.

Caroline Travers, French lawyer. Credit: LinkedIn

French lawyer Caroline Travers has been invested by President Emmanuel Macron for the 9th Constituency of the French diaspora (North and West Africa) by the Party of the Renaissance. Lay desk.

The choice would be justified by Macron’s desire to avoid bipartisan candidates and block former LREM deputy (Today’s Revival) M’jid El Guerrab, who announced his candidacy earlier in the month for regional legislative elections in the 9th constituency.

Caroline Travers, 43, is a lawyer in Casablanca and has lived in the district (Morocco then Senegal) for 14 years, according to the Renaissance Party. “We want to present a candidate against Mjid El Ghurab, who despite our efforts to convince him to give up, is holding on at all costs”A source within the party later told French news agency AFP.

“Through my past professional experiences, I have acquired a deep knowledge of business culture in North Africa and West Africa. I am now working as a legal consultant in Morocco and Senegal »Caroline Travers says on her LinkedIn profile.

In 2017, the French lawyer supported the candidacy of Leila Achi, a lawyer of Algerian origin, for the 9th term. The announcement of his inauguration caused a stir in Morocco. Leïla Aïchi distinguished herself for her positions that were clearly judged favorable to the Polisario Front, and shortly thereafter, was dropped from the candidate list. “The Republic Moves”,

Recall that on January 20, the French Constitutional Council decided to cancel the election of Karim Ben Chek in the ninth constituency of the French people living outside France. For good reason: glitches during electronic voting.

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