May 30, 2023

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Chad worried about influx of Sudanese refugees – DW – 24/04/2023

They flee every day, hundreds or thousands of people The Sudan Seek shelter Chat Neighbor 320 of these refugees are Sudanese soldiers. Chad, who claims to have disarmed these soldiers of the regular army, is content for the moment to protect its bordersChadian Defense Minister Daoud Yaya Brahim is also concerned about this flow of migrants:

“We have more than 400,000 Sudanese refugees since 2003. Others are coming, look at the consequences that Chad is suffering. We were challenged by the leader of the transition, concerned above all with security. He advised us on several measures and arrangements were made to leave the country and protect our border.

In recent days, especially women and children have come to Chad. Picture: El-Tayeb Siddiqui/REUTERS

More than 100,000 refugees are expected to arrive

According to the Agency for Economic and Social Development (ADES), a Chadian humanitarian NGO that has been working in Sudan for over 10 years, Chad can host more than a hundred thousand refugees. Abdelhakim Tahir is the General Manager of this NGO

“A humanitarian catastrophe is looming” (A. Tahir, ATS)

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“Our groups have counted about twenty thousand people. This continues, for example, on the side of Khartoum, in the area of ​​Nyala, El Fasher … people caught in the pincers of the two groups, are able to escape. And this continues. And in our humanitarian contingency plan, there are people who are at risk of crossing the border into Chad. We actually predicted a million people.”

An already dangerous situation

Already, the World Food Program (WFP) has warned that food supplies to refugees in Chad will be halved from May due to a lack of financial support.

In the face of this dangerous situation, Abdelhakim Tahir, director general of the NGO ADES, calls for the international community to mobilize in support of these refugees:

“A humanitarian disaster is brewing. WFP, the World Food Programme, doesn’t have a lot of resources. WFP is the partner that mobilizes resources to meet the food needs of refugees. But they don’t have the resources for already-ex-refugees For the current visit, there are actually no sources. And the Chad aid program is underfunded. The international community really needs to mobilize.” We really fear the worst. Organizations cannot cope with this influx of Sudanese refugees.”

WFP needs US$142 million over the next six months to maintain its refugee program and provide life-saving food aid to crisis-affected communities in Sudan.

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