March 22, 2023

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China can afford a port, Scholz criticizes – La Nouvelle Tribune

In Germany, Chancellor Olaf Scholes Hamburg would favor a partial transfer of the port to China’s leading shipowner Kosko. It’s the media WDR and NDR Who makes these revelations. Last Tuesday, Scholz expressed his desire to diversify Germany’s economic partners. And he talked about China. “We should not separate ourselves from certain countries, we should continue to trade with some of them – and I say frankly: with China too.” Announced as the pre-president of the German Federation of Industrialists for Mechanical Engineering.

Be wary of trade relations with China

The revelations from both these channels seem to point in the direction of the president’s China outreach. In fact, the Chinese ship owner can control 35% of the container terminal Great place. This project is part of the sale of Europe’s 3rd commercial port Kosko A favorable opinion of six Union Ministries would not have been required. These are Finance, Transport, Interior, Defence, Economy and External Affairs Ministries, according to media reports. Foreign Minister Annalena BaerbachIt points out that the Middle Kingdom has changed in recent years as it isolates itself “The world is threatening to act militarily against Taiwan and trying to impose its own rules instead of international standards”. So should Germany “Be careful with its economic relations with China and don’t make the same mistake as Russia again by depending on a country that doesn’t share “its” values.” explained Mrs. Beerbach.

Not good for the German economy and the country’s security

The initiative, backed by the president, has been criticized at the level of the coalition formed by the Liberals and Greens with the Social Democrats. Olaf Scholes. Pour Omit NuripurCo-Chair of the Green Party, “It’s not good for the (German) economy or (its) security.”. The media that disclosed the information also revealed the reluctance of German intelligence and counterintelligence services. Christian LindnerThe finance minister retweeted the message from the vice-chairman of the liberal FDP party Johannes Vogel. The latter said that such a decision would give China “Influence in all major European ports”. she “Let’s stand against each other”. If the government does not object, a decision could be taken by the end of October.

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