June 6, 2023

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China faces rise in Covid-19 cases | International | DW

What is China’s real position on the fight against Covid-19? Recently, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken asked China to share information on the development of the epidemic in the country. In Germany, some political actors have proposed cutting off air links with China. Should we really be concerned about this spike in Covid-19 cases in the Middle Kingdom?

It was impossible in China to be positive for Covid-19 and remain in home quarantine until a few weeks ago. But as authorities reversed course, abandoning strict health restrictions, victims like Yang and her family could be treated at home.

I think it’s really acceptable. From my point of view, most of the friends I know at this time have symptoms, some mild, some severe, but none of them go to the hospital. I would say intensive care beds are not very busy and are available for people who need them most.” She explains.

Infected patients are treated at home rather than occupying intensive care beds

While it’s difficult to know for sure what’s happening in Chinese hospitals, one thing is certain: the country is facing an explosion of contamination cases after most of the health restrictions in place were suddenly lifted in early December. .

Reluctance and doubts

The unprecedented outbreak is raising fears of higher mortality among the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable but under-vaccinated. In addition to the reluctance of the elderly to vaccinate, the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines is questionable.

Not necessarily, according to Professor Antoine Flahalt, director of the Institute for Global Health in Geneva.

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Chinese vaccine is inferior to messenger RNA vaccine when two doses are available. When there are three doses, the two types of vaccine have comparable efficacy. Vaccination reluctance in the elderly may be related to a lack of confidence in Chinese vaccines. He mentions.

A woman holds Chinese Sinopharm vaccines.

China is betting on its own vaccine.

While waiting for the Chinese to have access to messenger RNA vaccines, the authorities, who rely on their own methods and technologies, want to improve prevention and control measures so that they are more scientific, accurate and effective.

They also promise that “China’s vaccination rate is increasing, as is the vaccine’s ability to treat people.” China will also increase its production of medical products.