March 22, 2023

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China is mobilizing against a sharp rise in infections

« LA total of 253,000 infections have been reported in the country since November 1, and many regions are facing a more critical situation,” Chinese health officials said.

Faced with the surge, which has been described as the “most serious” since the epidemic began in 2020, authorities have stepped up efforts to strengthen medical resources and implement appropriate measures to contain new increases.

According to the National Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control, the average daily number of new cases this week reached 22,200, more than double last week’s level.

The epidemic, which has affected many provinces and regions, has shown complex transmission chains, said bureau official Hu Xiang, with some provinces facing the most severe epidemics in the past three years.

Experts quoted by Chinese media estimated that the new outbreak would continue until mid-December next year. The situation is likely to worsen in winter, experts warn, and more efforts are needed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Health officials have indicated that medical resources to treat critically ill patients will be strengthened to reduce the death rate associated with Covid-19.

Authorities are concerned about hidden transmissions and the rapid transmission of omicron variants, which make it more difficult to detect and track cases at an early stage.

According to health officials, the shortage of manpower and resources in high-risk areas such as factories, hospitals and schools also adds to the difficulties in containing the outbreak.

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