March 30, 2023

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China thrusts itself into conflict with proposed “peace plan”.

China presented its “peace plan” for Ukraine. On Wednesday, Chinese diplomatic chief Wang Yi was welcomed to the Kremlin, where he announced “China’s approach to a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis,” the Russian foreign minister said.
So it’s more of a “Chinese stance on resolving the Ukrainian crisis” than a “peace plan”.

In short, Beijing intends here both to offer advice on calming the intensity of the war, which has not weakened a year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
According to Zhao Dong, a researcher at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center in Beijing, Beijing is trying to play a role befitting its power in the best possible way out of the crisis.

“The purpose of this document is to outline China’s contribution to the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis,” he explains. It is mainly aimed at countries other than Europe and America. This is to show that China’s foreign policy is peaceful and to project the image of a good, responsible and powerful country.

These principles for “lasting peace” have already been mentioned several times by Chinese leaders and summarized in a “comprehensive security initiative” released in Beijing on Tuesday. The principles emphasize “respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States”, but insist that “each State must take into account the legitimate security concerns of others”.