March 30, 2023

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Concerns after new cases of cholera detected in South Africa – MAFRIC

Health officials in South Africa have sounded the alarm after discovering new cases of cholera in recent days, while the search for possible contacts of the victims continues.

“Teams from the Ministry of Health have identified 150 people in the Benoni region east of Johannesburg who were in contact with cholera cases recorded in the country, including one who died last week”Department spokesman Foster Mohale said Monday.

In early February, South African authorities announced two cases of cholera in the country’s most populous Gauteng province, calling on people to be more vigilant by observing the necessary health measures.

According to Health Minister Joe Fahla, two sisters who live in Johannesburg recently traveled to Malawi, where there has been an outbreak of cholera.

While five infections have been confirmed, the health department has warned that laboratory test results may be pending for two more people showing symptoms of cholera in South Africa.

The ministry spokesperson noted that the two suspected patients have been transferred to hospital to receive necessary treatment and further tests will be carried out to confirm if it is indeed cholera.

He said that contact tracing teams were still investigating the affected areas and that local spread could be possible due to the high number of contacts between the five confirmed cases.

The last cholera epidemic in South Africa began in 2008, with more than 12,000 cases and 60 deaths.

Last September, the WHO report a “Anxious Rise” In the world cholera, after years of decline, climate change adds to the usual factors of poverty and conflict.

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The disease affects 1.3 million to 4 million people on the planet every year, causing 143,000 deaths. (with MAP)