May 30, 2023

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Congolese novelist Fiston Muwanza Mujila has been awarded the Literary Prize “Les Afrix” 2021.

The literary prize “Les Afriques” in its 2021 edition was awarded to Congolese author Fiston Mwanza Mujila for his novel “La Danse du Vilain”, which marks the jury’s press release for this prize.

Professor Ambrose Kom, chairman of the jury, is pleased to announce that the sixth edition of the Literary Prize “Les Afriques” will be presented to Congolese author Fiston Muwanza Mujila for his novel ‘La Danze du Villain’. Read in the press release.

The famous work was published in 2020 by Éditions Métailié (France).

After Congolese novelist Iobami Adebayo of Nigeria, he was awarded this special for “Reste Awak Moi” (Mettley Editions, 2019) in 2020.

The prize includes 5,300 euros (3,476,572 CFA francs), 3,500 euros (2,295,849 CFA francs) worth of art, the purchase of 100 copies of the award-winning book, or the rights to the award. The book is a success for the French-speaking sub-continent of sub-Saharan Africa, ”the statement said.

In addition to its chairman, the jury was made up of novelists and literary authors Boubacar Boris Diop and Kaulci Lamko, as well as literary teacher Bourahima Autara. These include journalist and critic Sada Kane and short story writer and novelist Alphonse Bouya.

“The novel mainly deals with the theme of migration between Africans, the exploitation of their underground resources by Africans by artisans and its continuation: the sustainable deterioration of their living conditions,” the tribunal noted.

It is about the growing gap between the African population and its political class, which is only about the rich. Fiston questions what Mwansa Mujila, commonly known as the comedy of Africans and especially Congolese, through his characters, evokes a history of personal and collective tragedy hidden behind the frantic rhythm of a laugh or dance, ” he adds.

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The Literary Prize “Les Afrix” was created in 2015 by the literary CENE “Association of Readers”.

Regarding Africa or its diaspora, it is given once a year to a fiction writer who highlights a human, social, ideological, political, cultural, economic or historical cause.