May 30, 2023

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Contested, Macron is no longer in a position to exert significant influence abroad (liberation).

Contested at home, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, is unable to exert significant influence abroad, while his diplomatic “mistakes” have divided the twenty-seven and sowed confusion among traditional allies from Paris. Monday’s daily “Liberation” in the headline “Emmanuel Macron, cripple of the international scene”.

The line of pension reform, which is struggling to close, weakens Emmanuel Macron at the internal level, as the media underlines, the problem of the president was in the European and even international arena. For a long time he could rely on his great department and his domestic troubles to escape, “he seems handicapped, if not for exactly the same reasons”.

Leading the Union’s second economic and demographic power and first diplomatic and military power (and being the only country with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council) is not enough to carry a decisive weight in Europe. The process is infinitely complex: you must have the skills and ideas, but be able to lead and reform your country in a way that allows it to maintain its quality, and this with the support of its citizens,” analyzes the author. Article.

And to continue, “If Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany from November 2005 to December 2021, weighed decisively down to the last minute of her last mandate, it was because she was irrefutable on the inner plane. In any democracy, there is no example of a leader who is respected and listened to on the international stage, and at the same time devalued in his own country.

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However, Emmanuel Macron’s inability to convince his people of the need to carry out pension reform – seen by his partners as too light compared to the sacrifices made at home – to the continued decline of public debt and deficits, or the government’s record levels of tax and spending for a dismal outcome, do not paint a picture of a healthy country. , argues the publication.

Not forgetting the images of “police repression” that spread around the world, we continue to argue that a year after his re-election, the head of state’s popularity in the polls plummeted. The rest of the world has an image of a broken, weak France, without political direction.

So, what is Emmanuel Macron’s word of value to his allies?, the newspaper wonders.

“Of course, Macron has the image of an arrogant, down-to-earth man throughout Europe, convinced that he is right against everyone, but everyone knows that France is a country in bad shape!”, insists former co-president Danny Cohn-Bendit. of the Green Group in the European Parliament as quoted by the newspaper.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the French head of state has been constantly “captured by his demons”, because “Macron’s problem is not only his arrogance, but also the fact that he adds to the mistakes he made in international politics. ,” Cohn-Bendit copes.

According to Liberation, his recent African tour, and especially his visit to China, has increased the misunderstanding of Emmanuel Macron, who now appears to be “dividing Europe”.

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