March 30, 2023

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Converting waste to protein in the DRC: when soldier flies work

  • author, Innocent thought
  • stock, For BBC Africa

photo credit, Innocent thought

Consumed by the blow and the amount of food waste he has to throw away, Murhula Jigabe specializes in turning food waste into protein for poultry, livestock and fish feed using black soldier flies.

For more than five years, this young 29-year-old entrepreneur has been looking for alternative ways to save the forests of the Congo Basin, the world’s second lung after the Amazon in Brazil. We are in Bukavu, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“This forest is disappearing because we have to clear the forest to feed the world’s population, to produce protein, to meet the demand. You have to destroy forests to grow soybeans, you destroy forests to make palm oil cake,” he told the BBC.

Open with five wooden cages, draped with mosquito nets, stacked pieces of wood inside to hatch black soldier fly eggs. Subsequently, the flies are placed in the waste in vials divided horizontally into two.

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