April 1, 2023

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Cooling in France-Morocco relations –

Le Picaro: Cooling of France-Morocco Relations – Algeria, Western Sahara, Emmanuel Macron, Pegasus, spy,

According to Maghreb historian Pierre Vermeren, the special relationship between France and Morocco is unusually cold. “A distance has been created. The new generation of diplomats have no familiarity or sympathy for Morocco,” he notes. Reports by Le Figaro. “Neither Chirac nor Sarkozy have Moroccan fiber macron,” he adds.

According to Corinne Lhaïk and Éric Mandonnet in their book “La nuit chute deux fois”, French President Emmanuel Macron had to call the Moroccan king three times to get a meeting. “At the end of September, the French government announced that it would halve the number of visas issued to Moroccans, in response to Morocco’s refusal to portray Moroccans as Moroccans,” Le Figaro said. “Rabat took this announcement very badly because it expects a lot from its first ally France on the Western Sahara issue.”

Regarding Rabat’s serious diplomatic actions in the Western Sahara case, the French newspaper notes that it “contradicts the decent silence it has maintained for many years in its relationship with France.” Morocco expects France to do more to impose a solution in its favor. Mohammed VI made this clear in a speech last November. “Today, we are fully justified in expecting our partners to take a much bolder and clearer stand on the issue of regional integrity in the country.” These comments had no effect on France: “However, after Spain’s support for Morocco’s Autonomous Plan, France was satisfied, recalling its” consistent “position, which qualified the plan as” the basis for a serious and credible debate. ”

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Other sources make it clear that the Cold War was the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power. Recent news from Spain about spying on Pedro Sanchez’s phone is likely to add fuel to the fire in relations between Paris and Rabat.

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