March 26, 2023

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Covid-19 in Morocco: 46 new infections in 24 hours, no deaths and 214 active cases


New cases of contamination, remissions, number of screenings carried out, vaccinations etc. To learn more about the evolution of the coronavirus in Morocco, click on this link:

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In the Maghreb, Algeria did not report the number of screening tests, suggesting the number of contamination is higher than official figures. At last count there were 12 reports of contamination and no deaths recorded. The country has a total of 270,800 contaminations, including 6,881 deaths and 182,399 recoveries.

In Tunisia, 4 new pollutions have been registered, according to the latest report. The country has suffered a total of 1,146,152 cases of pollution since March 2020, including 29,257 deaths and 1,132,964 recoveries.

In Mauritania, according to the latest report, 11 cases of contamination have been recorded. The country has reported 63,304 Covid-19 infections, including 997 deaths and 62,397 recoveries.

In France, which opposes the “blind flight” of the social security budget and wants to impose on them a saving of 250 million euros per year, biologists on Wednesday the National Cup of screening tests du covid (SI-DEP) from Thursday.

“Due to the deafness of the public authorities, we have decided to stop the transmission of screening data on the SI-DEP platform from October 27,” Alain Le, head of the Alliance for Medical Biology, told AFP. Die declared.

He warns that if patients receive their results regularly, “it’s impossible to follow the epidemic.” Laboratories are no longer reimbursed by health insurance – an estimated shortfall of €14 million per week.

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The industry wants to “send a message” to the government that it will not amend the Social Security Fund Bill to “reduce prices by mandate” in the absence of an “agreement delivering significant savings” before 1.There is February, up to “at least 250 million”.

“We are asking for efforts from biological laboratories,” Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Attal repeated in the Senate on Tuesday, justifying the move as “already high profits before the crisis” and compounded by additional increases. 7 billion in “revenue linked to trials” for two years.

However, biologists have proposed to curb the puncture only by 2023, under the benefit of Covid. “Acknowledged for an exceptional contribution, but not for a completely blind flight”, warns Le Meur that biologists “can go further” and “strike if (the) government doesn’t add up”.

Scrutiny of the social security budget in the legislature, blocked by the use of 49.3 in the “Revenue” section, resumed on Wednesday evening in the “Expenditure” section, where the controversial article appears.

According to a report established by AFP, the epidemic has officially killed at least 6,586,381 people worldwide since the end of December 2019.

The United States (1,093,338) has the highest number of deaths, followed by Brazil (687,797), India (528,981) and Russia (389,790).

Taking into account the excess deaths directly and indirectly linked to Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of infections may be two to three times higher than officially established.