March 30, 2023

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Covit-19: Nearly 19,000 classes closed in France

A total of 18,786 classes are currently closed in France due to the Covit-19 epidemic, which is 3.56% of the country’s 527,200 classes, the Ministry of National Education announced on Friday.

This number has risen sharply and represents a record since the outbreak of the epidemic in France. Last Friday, the number of classes closed due to the epidemic was 14,380.

According to the ministry, 152 schools, including 140 schools, 11 colleges and one high school, are currently closed due to Govt-19, and 463,197 students tested positive in the last 7 days, an increase of 3.79% over the previous year. .

On behalf of the National Education Staff, the ministry reports 30,774 new pollutants, an increase of 2.56% over the week.

In the wake of the fifth wave of epidemics in France and against the health regulations put in place in schools, unions of education workers and parents of students observed a strike on Thursday, a smaller mobilization than last week.

Earlier in the day, the government released figures detailing the phasing out of restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the disease, which continues to affect hundreds of thousands of French people a day. On Thursday, the French public health agency registered 425,183 new cases in 24 hours.

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