May 30, 2023

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Crater formed by meteorite impact discovered in French vineyard –

In the hilly terrain of the northern Herald of France, the “Domain du Meteorin” vineyard in Cabrerolles near Beziers has a 200 meter wide and 30 meter deep ravine that stands out from its surroundings.

A recent study conducted by Frankfurt’s Goethe University was published on February 22, 2023. GeoThe crater was created by a meteorite impact, thus contradicting the results of a previous study carried out almost sixty years ago, which could not definitively establish the crater’s meteoric origin.

Characteristics specific to impact craters

The lead author of the study, researcher Frank Brenger, suspected the incomplete analysis and traveled to the south of France in 2022 with students and a geophysicist to study the crater more closely. Their discovery revealed that the crater has a weaker magnetic field than its surroundings, a common feature of impact craters. In addition, small spherical fragments of iron oxide found in 190 other impact craters listed around the world by the non-profit organization Earth Impact Database.

Geography is rare

The shape, location and relatively good condition of the crater are exceptional. Many craters formed as a result of the impact of large rock bodies have disappeared over time. In Europe, only three impact craters are recognized by the Earth Impact Database, including one in France.

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