March 25, 2023

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Culture / France – “Arts of Islam”: 18 exhibitions in 18 cities

Under Louvre’s inspiration, 18 French cities will be held from Saturday to March 27, a large exhibition dedicated to Islamic art and their interactions with Europe, according to the electronic site

From Angoulam to La Reunion, a total of 210 masterpieces by Montes-la-Jolie (Yvelines), Rillieux-la-Pape (Rhône), Figeac (Lot), Tourcoing, Saint-Denis (Seine-) are on display in different regions. Saint-Denis), Blois, Rouen, Marseille, Nantes or Clermont-Ferrand and Dijon, Yannick Lintz, overseer of the exhibition and director of the arts department, told AFP Islam from the Louvre Museum.

In each of the 18 cities we will see “ten masterpieces of Islamic art”, “religious but secular” objects that bear witness to the “Middle East”, which, according to the same source, confirms the observer of the exhibition, “on three continents, Africa and Asia.”

+ An unprecedented tool to “fight against the ignorance of the Islamic arts”

“It’s a transfer point, an open space across all roads, with a continuous history of 13 centuries,” says the commissioner, who wants the device to be “unprecedented” in the fight against “Islamic arts”.

In some cities, the exhibition will be housed in a library (Blois, Marseille) or a media library (Rillieux-la-Pape). “The idea is to get as close as possible to those who are not accustomed to coming to see works of art,” Ms Linds insists. It is therefore necessary to “leave Paris, for this blow.” The capital is not really an exhibition city.

Each place will feature works by a contemporary artist (photo, video) from a country in the Islamic world. For example, we see Nancy “Vacuum” capturing the vacuum in the desert, in Palestine, by Palestinian artist Reita Zadeh.

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The exhibitions will feature: “11th century mosque lamps, a Quranic board, a box with an ivory handle, a metal shield, a Persian carpet, a silk summit (oriental cloth), a bone marquee box and precious wood, astrolabes. India or Morocco, Trophies, trophies, food, funerals, but also photos or video installations … ”.

+ “The past tense for the present tense” +

Entitled “The Past for a Present”, the multi-million pound government-sponsored, multi-edition exhibition sponsored by Jean Costex is set to open in Plymouth on Saturday. It is “a direct response to all the hate speech and stress-inducing trials” because it “reminds us that the dialogue of cultures has never stopped in our history and should motivate us for the present,” the Prime Minister writes at the presentation. File.

Scenery spaces are especially designed to welcome the younger generation, students and their teachers. Space is provided for discussions, live performances, and cinema. In addition, 70 lectures will be given in 18 exhibition cities on various topics such as “Writing”, “Painting in Islamic Art”, and “Islamic Arts and Sciences”. A website ( is opened, adding the same source.

To those who are upset about the limited number of works being offered on each site, Yannick Linds responds: “Ten works, with more than 150 people sitting around, would be a lot of fun to watch even after standing in line.” “It simply came to our notice then. It is not a bet on consumption, but on invention and pleasure.