May 30, 2023

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Daily Journal Review for this Saturday, May 13, 2023

Here are the top headlines generated by the national press for this Saturday, May 13, 2023


Director General of ONEE Mr. Abdelrahim El Hafidi, on 11 May 2023, received the Ambassador of Italy to Morocco, Armando Barucco, in Rabat. The exchanges focused on opportunities and opportunities for cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations in the power and drinking water sectors,” the office points out in a press release. El Hafidi, HM for Development of Water and Power Sectors He highlighted the importance Morocco has provided under the wise leadership of King Mohammed VI. Providing opportunities for development and cooperation, especially water desalination plants, large-scale storage batteries and HVDC technology (High Voltage Direct Current – High Voltage Direct Current) needed to support the massive integration of renewable energies (EnR).


Military cooperation between Morocco and African countries is part of Morocco’s unity and traditional vision, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, with the aim of preventing conflicts and maintaining peace and stability on the African continent, he said in Addis Ababa. , the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the African Union and ECA-UN, Mohammed Arochi. The Ambassador, who leads the Moroccan delegation to the 15th Ordinary Ministerial Meeting of the Special Technical Group on Security, Defense and Security of the African Union, emphasized that this cooperation is an effective tool for the implementation of the African Road Map aimed at silencing guns. Building the capabilities of African forces and improving their interoperability.

Rissalat al-Ummah

House of Councilors speaker Enam Mayara said in Ezulwini, south of Eswatini Mbabane’s capital, that a transition to a green economy in Africa and the Arab world is urgently needed to reduce the risks of climate change shocks. Speaking at the opening of the 10th consultative meeting of the Association of Senates, Shura and Equivalent Councils of Africa and the Arab World (ASSECAA), Mayara, the body’s president, said Africa and the Arab region are facing an environmental crisis. Due to extreme weather conditions such as heat waves, floods and droughts.

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Al Ittihad Al-Ittihad Ali

Morocco and China have expressed their common desire to diversify their partnership, expand it to new strategic sectors and take advantage of the advantages offered by the economies of both countries and their strategic positioning. Prime Minister Aziz Akannouch expressed Morocco’s consideration of the constructive position of the People’s Republic of China within the United Nations Security Council on the Moroccan Sahara issue and reiterated Morocco’s attachment to the policy. A press release issued by the head of the state department said that the sovereignty of the states should be respected and not interfered in their internal affairs.

Aszahra al-Maghribiya

Portugal and Morocco agreed to elevate their bilateral relations to the level of a global strategic partnership based on the Treaty of Amity, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation between the two countries signed in May 1994. Creating a solid foundation for the development of the political, economic and cultural dimensions of bilateral relations was underlined by both countries in a joint declaration approving the work of the 14th High Level Meeting (RHN) held in Lisbon. While welcoming the deepening of their political dialogue and the already strategic nature of their relations, both countries affirm their desire to deepen and expand their partnership with a view to permanent dialogue and concrete and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Al Massey

The 11th edition of Open Source Days, a large-scale annual event focusing on the theme of work, employment and technologies, opened in Kauribka with the participation of numerous experts in the fields of technology. The 11th candlelight event will address various topics such as “Microservices as an approach to meet new economic needs of enterprises”, “Impact and benefits of digital transformation”, “Artificial intelligence and its benefits”. Applications in Business Decision Making”, “Design and Marketing of Computer Software” and “Morocco’s Success in Electronic Banking”.

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