May 30, 2023

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Dakhla: The work of the Third Forum of African Economic Intelligence Associations has begun and discussions are underway

VideoThe work of the third African meeting of the Forum of African Economic Intelligence Associations (FAAIE) under the theme “Africa Africa of Innovations, National Policies and African Cooperation” started yesterday Monday, December 5, 2022 in Takla.

This three-day meeting (December 5 to 7, 2022), under the patronage of King Mohammed VI and the Open University of Dakla, aims to expose the reality of African and international strategies and policies in innovation. Their impact on economic development in the continent through a scientific and educational approach.

This event aims to improve the experiences of African countries in terms of economic intelligence, strengthen partnerships, promote continental innovation, support entrepreneurial spirit and investment capital, as the lever foundations of economic development in Africa, helping to face the challenges faced. Global Economic Intelligence Systems.

In his speech during the opening ceremony of the meeting, the President of the Forum of African Associations of Economic Intelligence, Tris Kurrao, pointed out that the meeting must deal with a matter of great importance in a delicate regional and international environment. For the security, stability and development of the African continent.

Tris Kurraoui, president of Dakla Open University, stressed that science, knowledge and technology play a vital role in meeting economic, social, environmental and digital challenges in a constantly changing global system. Leverage climate, energy and digital transformation to guarantee success and face future crises and wars.

For the President of the Forum of African Associations of Economic Intelligence, Africa’s future development now depends on the development of effective public policies in the field of scientific and technological research. In this regard, Tris Guarawi stressed the importance of investing in human capital and strategic intelligence.

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Dahi Hormatallah, Deputy Chairman of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab Regional Council, said the meeting was a platform to consolidate South-South cooperation, strengthen links of partnerships and exchange expertise and successful experiences. African continent in support of integrated development.

The meeting, followed by Tahi Harmadallah, will lay the foundation for a fruitful partnership between African countries to highlight the current challenges facing the continent. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council of Takla-Ud Edahab, it is essential to coordinate visions and focus efforts among various stakeholders.

On this first day, partnership agreements were signed between the Open University of Takla and Burkina Faso’s network of economic intelligence experts, but also between Cameroon’s NGO “Women’s Association for Technological Innovation” and the Mali Association for the Promotion of Economic Intelligence. , with the aim of strengthening African capacities in the field of economic intelligence and engaging these associations in the Forum of African Associations for Economic Intelligence.

Similarly, two more partnership agreements have been signed with the US-based “Strategic Competitive Intelligence for Professionals” (SCIP) and the Academy of Economic Intelligence in Paris to further strengthen the Forum’s international cooperation. relationships.

An award ceremony was also organized for the best research work in economic intelligence in Africa, with the categories “Best Book” and “Best Doctoral Thesis” awarded to a researcher from Mali and another from Burkina Faso respectively.

This first day was marked by the presence of representatives of the national economic intelligence associations of English-, Portuguese-speaking and French-speaking countries on the continent and institutional actors and Africa or experts. Work in other continents and Africa.

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The tasks of this three-day meeting include several “National Innovation Strategies in Africa”, “Innovation and [le] Economic Development” and considering various “Approaches to Sustainable and Inclusive Innovation in Africa”.