April 1, 2023

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Damascus beheads a group of militants in Sauvita: a successful preventive measure

The operation, which took place overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, targeted one of the militant groups “Anti-Terrorist Force”, It is located near the village of Cosma, in the southeastern part of the Soviet Union, far from the Jordanian border. He sought to reach the Rookbane area where the militants had been stationed with US support. Clashes erupted, in which the group split into two, first trying to return to the village of Cosma, and second fleeing to Syrian Badia. Samar al-Hakim, the alleged leader of the militant group, was disbanded.

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akbar, The operation targeted the Syrian party’s armed wing Al-Liva, Founded in August 2021 by Malek Abo Khair, a journalist living in France. “This unit, targeted by ambushes, is small, but Syrian authorities seem to be looking forward to efforts to expand it.” Illustrates the same source.

On social media, s. Al-Hakim said he had the support of the United States, but promised that funding for his party and his fighters would come entirely from Israel. Al-Akbar. Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar He reportedly had close ties to Kurdish militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which has been occupying northeastern Syria in collaboration with the United States. But he was expelled from his village of Kasma, noting that he wanted to form an armed group with the help of foreign countries, noting to celebrities that it would become the center of an independent administration in the province of Chaudhry. . The reason he has recycled his fighters “Anti-Terrorist Force”The newspaper promises.

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In a video showing the training footage of its fighters, the group announces its intention to fight drug trafficking in collaboration with the US-led International Coalition. He had announced that he wanted to hand over one of the residents of Sauda “Army of Revolutionary Commandos”, A militant group collaborating with the Americans, in order to deliver it to them at the foot of al-Danfin.

According to the Syrian opposition website Orient-newsThis militant group is forming “Ex-combatants and military security contractors, as well as gang members demanding kidnapping, robbery and ransom money. They are well known and deeply hated locally. The site alleges that he spoke exclusively with Syrian Trudeau and wanted to model the FDS’s Kurdish experience in southern Syria.