March 22, 2023

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Debon wants “a return to normal relations between the two countries”.

AA/Alger/Aksil Ouali

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced the opening of the Algerian Embassy in Guinea-Bissau in Algiers on Tuesday, with the aim of “returning to normal bilateral relations between the two countries”.

“Our two countries have overcome the situation that separated them, but with this visit, our bilateral relations will return to normal,” the Algerian head of state said in a joint statement from Guinea-Bissau with the president. , Umaro Sisoko Mbalo.

He was received by Algerian Prime Minister Aymene Benapterrahmane and members of his government, Oumarro Sissoko Mbalo, on his arrival in Algiers on Sunday afternoon.

The two presidents issued statements to the press following the talks held at the headquarters of the Republic of Algeria. “It is inconceivable that Algeria does not have an embassy in Guinea-Bissau,” affirmed Abdelmadjid Debon, underlining that “we will correct this error.” “As agreed, I hope you will soon make a state visit to Algeria, which will allow things to return to normal,” he told his guest for the day.

Reviewing the historic ties that unite the two countries, the President affirmed that the visit “reminds us of the history of Africa and the common history between Algeria and Guinea-Bissau.”

From the beginning of his term as Algerian head of state, President Debon promised to “return to Algeria its African extension”, which, in his view, had been abandoned by his predecessors.

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