March 30, 2023

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Defenders of immigrants stand up against the imprisonment of foreigners in France

Detention centers, which take the form of prisons, poorly monitor freedom: immigrant bodyguards condemn French “fury” foreigners, claiming that victims of “hardening” free themselves from the right. In four years, France has doubled its reception capacity at administrative detention centers (CRAs), where illegal immigrants are pending deportation. During a conference on Monday evening, Paul Chiron (OEE), the watchdog for foreigners’ detention, summed up the proliferation of prisons with “tightening the boundaries of the law.” The chance of the calendar, last born Crow opened its doors in Lyon on Monday. Fences, Barbed wire: Olivier Clochard, a geologist and member of the Microbes team, sees the ‘barricades” corrosion ” seen in his part. The 90-day extension of detention allows “these prison systems to be trivialized” and “move towards a form of immigration criminalization”. Made by Maud Hoestlandt, Director General of Legal Affairs of the Registrar of Places. Ms. Hostland, who underlined today, distributed photos of tiled concrete and simple mattress-mounted cells on toilets. In an article published Monday on the Liberation website, a group of associations, intellectuals and dignitaries called for the closure of “waiting zones” at borders and locations – for example, at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle at the Paris airport, north of Paris – where police are in custody. Every year thousands of foreigners wait for them to return or be allowed into the territory. French authorities are violating everyday fundamental rights in the name of “obsession with imprisonment.” Promoting public opinion that represents risk “. Judith Marco, a doctoral student at EHESS, who works on the situation at the border police station, also lamented that “the right to asylum has become inaccessible by imprisonment”, especially at the border with France. Menton (south) and Montgenevre (southeast). People are “locked up in nearby modular buildings and lose their freedom outside of any legal framework,” Anafak was assured by an “observer”. Finally, according to him, if imprisonment is orderly and problematic, there is another notion that it is “important” on the borders of France: “back” outside the country.

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