May 30, 2023

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Demonstrations in Tunis demanding the release of political opponents

Several hundred people gathered in Tunis on Sunday to demand the release of twenty protesters who have been arrested since the start of last February on charges of “conspiracy against state security”.

Accepting a call from the Tunisian political opposition alliance Front du Salut National (FSN), around 300 demonstrators targeted public and political figures and chanted for the release of protesters arrested as part of a larger security crackdown.

On this occasion, the head of the DSF, Nejib Sebi, called for the unity of opposition forces and the establishment of a multi-national dialogue among trade unions and human rights associations.

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This approach aims to overcome the ongoing political and economic crisis in Tunisia, explaining that national unity is the only way out of the economic and financial crisis.

For his part, Riyad Saibi, a member of the Front and head of the Ennahda movement, noted that various rallies were organized demanding the release of prisoners accused of “conspiracy against the state” and the resumption of the democratic process. Continue until it achieves its objectives and regains independence.

In early February, Tunisia experienced a series of arrests of politicians, opposition figures, civil society activists, media officials and trade unionists, prompting outrage from many human rights NGOs.

The arrests, condemned both domestically and internationally, targeted leading political figures from the FSN and its main affiliate, the Islamist party Ennahda.

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