March 26, 2023

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Despite criticism in Germany and abroad, Olaf Scholes goes to China

The German Chancellor justified the need for a visit to China by the changes in bilateral relations Results of the 20th CPC Congress.

  • In a column published this morning PoliticsScholz wrote: “It is precisely because Business as usual Under the circumstances, going to Beijing is no longer an option for me.”1.
  • Thus, the German chancellor took note An ideological breakthrough sanctified by the 20th Congress. It calls for a return to Marxism-Leninism, which now “occupies a much wider space. China is changing, and so must our treatment of it.”

Relations with China pose a major business challenge for Germany.

  • With Germany importing nearly 150 billion euros of Chinese goods and services by 2021, Scholz acknowledges that it cannot do without Beijing as a trading partner.
  • The German chancellor views China’s “national autonomy” strategy as having consequences for its trading partners, with Xi pursuing a strategy to develop the domestic market while making international businesses less dependent on China.

The announcement of the visit drew a fresh round of criticism from Berlin’s European allies, a week after the controversial decision to leave. China is strengthening its presence in the port of Hamburg.

  • Reinhard Buttighofer, a member of the German Green Party in the European Parliament, said the chancellor’s visit was “probably the most controversial visit to the country in the last 50 years”.2.
  • Outside, Scholz has been criticized for his decision to travel to China without other European leaders at his side, while Emmanuel Macron suggested a joint visit to Beijing – which ultimately did not materialise.

Olaf Scholz rejected the criticism, saying he had organized his trip in “close” consultation with his European and American partners. He emphasized: “If I go to Beijing as a German federal chancellor, I do so as a European”.

During the visit, the German chancellor will also discuss the current major crises – especially Ukraine.

  • “Earlier this year, China expressed clear opposition to the threat of using ‘nuclear weapons,'” Scholz said, hoping that Xi would remain steadfast in his opposition to Russia’s war on Ukraine.
  • Following the 20th Party Congress, China reaffirmed its support for Russia Its Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave the voice during a phone conversation with his foreign minister.

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