March 26, 2023

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Despite the legal setback, London decided to deport the immigrants to Rwanda

Boris Johnson and his Home Secretary Priti Patel

The British government pledged to expel illegal immigrants to Rwanda on June 15. Although the plan fell through at the last minute in European justice, it is now under conservative criticism.

It was the first aircraft with a sign indicating the government’s commitment Prime Minister Conservative Boris Johnson to prevent immigrants from entering the UK by sending immigrants to East Africa, 6,000 km from London.

European law opposes British government “policy”

The number of people to be deported to the UK after personal appeals has shrunk to just seven, from the original 130 planned. But this is a question of “policy”: the plane, which was rented exclusively for hundreds of thousands of euros, was about to take off from an English military base on Tuesday evening, preventing the European Court of Human Rights from expelling it, and the device landed. Let’s end this ECHR, The jurisdiction of the Council of Europe to ensure compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights has drawn a barrage of green wood within the administration. Without stopping him from pursuing his popular program among his constituents, but harshly criticized UN, Anglican Church And even, personally, according to the press, Crown Prince Charles. “The decision of the Strasbourg court to intervene is disappointing and surprising,” said the British Home Secretary. Prithi Patel,In Parliament, he recalled the rejection of unions competing for British judicial action. But “we will not be deterred by unavoidable last-minute appeals,” he added, adding that “preparations for the next flight have already begun.” A spokesman for Boris Johnson said the government planned to “carefully review” the ECHR’s ruling, adding that the deportation of Iraqis should be postponed until the British judiciary examines it. The legitimacy of the device is expected in July. This is a reference to ensure that immigrants have access to fair practices in Rwanda, while NGOs continue to accuse the Rwandan government of suppressing freedom of expression, criticism and political opposition.

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Rwanda, “Safe Country”

Opposing Labor opposition, Priti Patel stressed that the ECHR did not find the device “illegal” and that its decision was not a “complete ban” on the deportation of migrants to Rwanda, which was “shameful”. ”Policy. However, an angry Conservative majority of MPs saw this as an attack on the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and called for the abandonment of the European Convention on Human Rights, which helped shape the country in the 1950s and changed it into law. The organization has nothing to do with the European Union, which withdrew from Britain with Brexit in January 2020. “Yes, we will step down from the European Court of Human Rights and stop their interference in British law,” the elected Conservative tweeted. Andrea Jenkins. Boris Johnson, frustrated with the government’s immigration policy being overturned in court, opened the door to such an event. “Is it necessary to change some laws to move forward? It would be great, and all of these options will continue to be considered, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. The AFP photographer noted that on Tuesday alone they were 444, with others, including at least one child, landing on English shores on Wednesday. In Kigali, the Rwandan government said it was “not sure” about the cancellation of the flight and was “committed” to the partnership, with London initially funding 120 120 million (மில்லியன் 140 million).

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