March 30, 2023

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“Dibbina”: Ignacio Sembrero drowned in his barbousserie while the CNI panicked.

Dibbina never doubted that Cembrero was one of the many barbouses in the Spanish CNI…and the Moroccan press did not hesitate to detail the activities of his barboucery.

Initially, Sembrero limited himself to denying it, describing the Moroccan press as “slanderous”, “discriminatory” and “under orders”.

He ended up burning his card, accusing Moroccan authorities of spying on him through “Pegasus” software. Revealed by the Moroccan press”… um, so you are indeed confirming the veracity of what the Moroccan press has published against you, right?

Ignacio Cembrero, who was burned for burning, said to himself, I will go to the end of my barbussery by taking with me as many people as I can, so published a murderous article, no more or less, one of his colleagues is Spanish, like him not on the payroll of the CNI, but the direct payroll of the Moroccan DGED. ..

« Barbara Barron worked for several years for Morocco’s foreign secret services, while her father Enrique Barron was head of general intelligence for the Spanish police.“Boom safe Salina….The sombrero, from the first sentence, without making preliminaries, toasts his countryman and his father on the way, who is from Morocco.

But what basis do our seers have for throwing out the name of a work colleague and his father who is now Provincial Commissioner in Malaga??? Well, according to Sriba’s chief pimp of pimps, Ali Lmrabet, speaking for his agent-dealer as usual: “The sources are WhatsApp messages from the highest Spanish police that confirm in detail Baron’s acquaintances with the DGED”… .. good? Alilou Are you sure? Accidentally missed some important details?

BK, the protagonists of these WhatsApp exchanges quoted in the Sombrero article, namely former commissioner Enrique García Castaño, known as “Le Gros”, are currently facing up to 12 years in prison. His 6-month prison sentence for his involvement in a massive influence and corruption case could be described simply as “the highest ranking official in the Spanish police” … maybe you added “crooked” and “mafia” next to that. It is, isn’t it? Out of respect for journalistic ethics, right?

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The same goes for the other source with whom “Le Gros” exchanged WhatsApp messages, namely former Spanish Secretary of State for Defense Francisco Martínez, who faces up to 15 years in prison for the same crimes as his interlocutor.

And so we are faced with two thoroughly corrupt sources who have been prosecuted by their country’s judiciary in the wake of a massive scandal called the “Kitchen Affair” involving corrupt Spanish politicians and security officials. The mastermind of this criminal network is the Commissioner Jose Manuel VillarejoIn 2004, he accused Moroccan authorities of being behind the murderous attacks in Madrid, before being summoned by his own country’s judge to Y NOUD TG3D…. DGED !!!!!

But the funny thing is that according to Sembrero’s novel, the Whatsapp exchange between these two “high officials” involving the Baron family and the Moroccan DGED took place precisely on September 24, 2017, that is, the first interlocutor, that is, the Commissioner. Castano said “The Fat” has been unemployed for 7 months and the second interlocutor has not been Secretary of State for Defense since November 2016 (10 months)…so help Cembrero and his partner Alilo, can you explain to us how? Can discussions between two shameless drunken unemployed workers, “Ahmed Sarai, met in Spain, Enrique Barron, paying his daughter to write essays on a Moroccan visitor” be considered legitimate and complete? True???

Especially if you realize after a simple Google search that Barbara Baron never wrote for the Observer du Maroc. This is partly the basis for their accusations.

Not stopping there, Sembrero will continue to reveal to us other Whatsapp exchanges (access to which is possible only with Pegasus spyware), which took place on September 15, 2022 at 3 pm precisely (he did not break his head), between Ahmed Sarai (so a famous agent of DGED) and Barbara Barron ( Presently Collaborator of DGED) and between this, to provide a service to the head of DGST, Abdellatif Hammouchi, i.e. internal intelligence , DGED has nothing to do with external intelligence .. the difference is visible to the naked eye to anyone … but not to the sombrero and his hallelujah , DGST DGED DJAJ BTATA All are the same….

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So, Ahmed Sarai (who suddenly becomes a collaborator of DGST when he drives to DGET) would have kindly asked Barbara Barron (who suddenly does not drive to DGET, drives to DGST) on September 15th at 3 pm. ) to broadcast in preview (before MAP), a photo of a meeting in Rabat between Hamouchi and his Spanish counterpart, Esperanza Casteleiro, who, according to Cembrero, did not want the photo leaked. His smiling face features in this official photo, where he stands in front of his country’s flag and shakes hands with his Moroccan opponent.

It is also true that Barbara Baron did not publish any article on this meeting, knowing that the journalist who published this information in the Spanish media where Barbara Baron works was a gentleman named Jesus Juloka.

And the article in Spanish was published at 6pm, 3 hours later MAP and other media and news organizations around the world published it at 3:01pm.

In particular Cembrero had already revealed the same issue of “Photogate” in an article 6 months ago, and at no time did I mention any acquaintance with Ahmed Sarai or Barbara Barron’s boss. The DGST has restricted itself to talking about its desire to leak its meeting with the CNI director, with the so-called objective of “rehabilitating his image and showing that he is a proper interlocutor and getting his appreciation”. Colleagues in the European Secret Services”….

I agree that he was waiting to prove to the director of CNI how “valid and appreciated interlocutor he is by his foreign colleagues”. The Americans, the Israelis, the Germans, the Dutch, the Saudis, the Emiratis, and all the influential senior security officials passing through Hamochi’s office…it’s true that it counts for nothing.

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(C.I– Above Everything September 15 at 3:00 PM, photos sent by Sarai to Barbara Barron on WhatsApp 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂)

The sombrero, the spook, includes everything and anything to recycle old out-of-date articles, invent fictitious dialogues, and dangle his brushes between inside and outside information, a pure Moroccan accused of infiltrating all sectors of society, from Spain’s police to the press, for the sole purpose of breaking the positive Moroccan-Spanish momentum. and false accusations based on simple smoke-release. .Basically he wants a messy relationship between France and the Kingdom.

To do this, he calls his network of pimps, like the backpacker Jose Bautista, the co-author of this scandalous article, who camped in the town of Tintouf in the “Taqla” camp to set up a local radio station. , before working as a dishwasher in a Parisian fast food, then walking in Latin America to interview Alilou Lmrabet on behalf of the Polisario propaganda media … in Argentina … basically he responds with a better profile Moroccan-anti-Spanish instructor who skillfully used his writing skills in correspondence with the CNI.

Before claiming its Algerian relays….

…and his official associates will carry out the usual after-sales service …that is, the same members of a mafia network that do not need WhatsApp exchanges or leaks from spyware.

But no matter what you “Abelhug” Cembrero does, there is only one way out for your kind of brainless purposs, sooner or later GHATNOUUUUUDOUUUU TG3DOUUUUUUUUUUU