May 30, 2023

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“Dibipina”: “Morocco killed me!”

When a new case is discovered somewhere in the four corners of the world, seeing how easily and insistently Morocco is found guilty of murder, one can not help but think of the case of Tibipina Omar Radat.

So, for three years now, we’ve been thinking about the Pegasus affair and the specific involvement of the Moroccan security services in spying on 10,000 mobile phones out of 50,000 mobile phones (that’s pretty accurate), including the head of state. French, but also Spanish, Belgian or Algerian, as well as …. Moroccan….yes, we are apparently spying on ourselves!!! So that our state president does not take his place…

Therefore, for three years, Morocco has kindly asked those who have made these biased allegations against our services to present technical evidence to support their statements.

Meanwhile, the list of overseas services that used Pegasus software continues to grow, including Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Greece….in Europe, Hatzi Kihi.

But nothing worked.. In this case Morocco seems to have been pre-ordained…. Every time we talk about espionage and corruption. ..

After giving our country no way to defend itself, all our defamation complaints are treated as inadmissible…

So what is our slander based on to slander Eh Bah in “authenticity”… I’m not the one saying it, Jeroen Leiners, the head of the European Parliament’s inquiry into Pegasus, is telling him – even in his last press conference on the alleged spying by the Spanish government with Pegasus software…

So for the latter: “There is no evidence to accuse any third state, especially Morocco, of spying on the Spanish government… but it is logical to suspect Morocco”….

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yes but sir we don’t pay you “suspicious” people.. we pay to “bring back evidence”.. to date no one has been able to bring even the tiniest evidence of moroccan guilt… one condition to do so is the spanish govt being spied on by morocco EH comes from BAH” “Reject any speculation about the role of Morocco or other countries in spying on members of the administration through the use of the Pegasus system.” A Spanish government source told the news agency “EFE”.

Basically the presumed guilty pleads innocent….the victim pleads guilty the pleads innocent….no witness….no of birth Israel is the weapon of the crime…..but still by the nominees for Morocco Tfou International Grand Prix Found guilty!!! ….come feeem!!!!

If it’s not Pegasus, it’s “MarocGate”, we take the same and start with the same situation, in which the Moroccan security services are naturally accused of all dejeulassery in the world MEPs’ toilets… WOU 7NA MALNAAAAAAA ????

And the latest controversy is about Rachid M’Barki, named after this French journalist of Moroccan descent, who miraculously became a Moroccan journalist of French descent, published a story about “Moroccan Sahara” at 3am and changed himself overnight. In the eyes of the slanderous press, “as an agent in the pay of the Moroccan services”…..

Will you at least prove to us with A+B that this journalist was corrupted by the Moroccan services to influence his work?… No he has sworn in the National Assembly that he has not received a penny from Morocco. say anything’…..IWA NOUD TG3D!!!!!

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The facts are as follows and they are indisputable: Morocco is the target of a smear campaign…

You can hide this by hiring your NGOs to give this smear campaign a more “legal” face….nothing will change the matter….

They may try to fool us by publishing forensic reports full of bias and technical errors from corrupt research centers.

You can send Sripa’s head of pimps to the effect of giving us a mental diarrhea to find its own evidence “by AP” to justify the indefensible. Nothing will change with this established fact….

Even Doumia, the last inflatable hostess imported from China by the DGSE, can say things she cannot say (in substance and form) and make people believe in a semblance of Franco-Moroccan institutional harmony. And can drown us. In the darkness of his intellectual indifference….. Nothing will change this state of affairs.

Because in the end the result is always the same: HATNOUUDOUUUU TG3DOU HIYA HATNOUDOUUUU TG3DOUUUUU