March 30, 2023

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Die weld. How the Iran-Hezbollah-Polisario Trio Helps Terrorists Launder Money in Europe

Investigators the world are known and recognized for their relevance Expressions. They provide evidence that lifts the curtain on the dangerous connection between Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah and the Algerian regime-based and funded Polisario.

After a long investigation, the newspaper revealed that illegal “hawala” transfers were made from several European countries, including Germany, Belgium, France and Great Britain, as well as from the Gulf countries, particularly to Tintouf in Algeria. Polisario militias are also based in separatist interests.

A certain Ahmed A. And the investigators showed how his accomplice Azman. The creator of “Tyres” Mr. An illegal money transfer network that allows you to send amounts of up to 50,000 euros per transaction anywhere, anytime. The two former classmates wanted to cross a new limit so that their system would make it possible to exceed this limit, the daily underlines, revealing that this information is now in the hands of the Spanish Guardia Civil Financial Service.

Mode of operation

Ahmed A. studied in Libya. Die Welt reports that he has been living in Spain since 2007. Specializes in illegal money transfers from Europe to West Africa. His close partner is also based in Spain, but mainly works in Algeria. The daily notes that the two have good relations with the Algerian military. According to the same source, the two created a shadow bank whose “branches”, nicknamed “Hawaladare”, were greengrocers, butchers or computer shops spread across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Customers can exchange or receive dirty money because they intend to escape legal channels.

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To cover up this money laundering that they are at the center of, Ahmed A. and Asman M. Die Welt says they have personal accounts at various European banks through which their customers can transfer cash payments elsewhere.

On transfers and receipts, the cash flows of “hawaladers” are balanced – or, if necessary, offset by the smuggling of cash, jewelry or luxury watches, the newspaper details.

The daily’s investigators point out that they were able to verify that business cards bearing the names “tyres” and “Hawaladare” in Arabic were distributed in the Sahara. There were also “Computer Services” and “Money Exchange” ads to benefit the network.

Explosive expressions

In an article signed by Christine Kenche, citing experts in terrorism, the journalist notes that these revelations have the effect of a bombshell, recalling that the Sahel, the Polisario’s base, has been plagued by changes from al-Qaeda to the Islamic State. .

The investigator highlights Iran’s role in the expansion of networks such as “Tyres”. The country of mullahs has been described as the biggest state sponsor of terrorist groups in the world. The Islamic dictatorship’s central strategy is to exert cultural, political and military influence through Shiite communities abroad, Die Welt says, noting that unstable and impoverished regions are ideal for pushing local militias into the struggle against the “colonial West.”

German media recalling that Morocco accuses the Iranian government of supporting the Polisario militia, which has already received surface-to-air missiles and drones from Tehran, explains that Iran’s loyal ally Hezbollah has set up training camps in Algeria. Polisario militia.

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Die Welt also recalled the US declaration of December 2020, recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara as one of the factors that make the kingdom a true enemy of the Iranian regime.

Hezbollah in search of new money

The German newspaper shows that Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, can no longer trust the countries of this bankrupt country and is doing everything to find alternative solutions. One of them is “Hawala”.

Much to the astonishment of Die Welt investigators, Ahmad A. was able to read several publications on his Facebook account praising Hezbollah and the “Polisario”, which he claims are persecuting the Iranian regime. According to daily news reports, this person maintains friendly relations with the representatives of the fighters of this demonic front and the liaison officers between this “front” and Hezbollah.

This huge file is in the hands of the Spanish police.

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