March 30, 2023

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Diplomatic crisis – Benkirane: “The king always asked me to help Tunisia…”

Former head of government and secretary general of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), Abdelila Benkirane, underlined that Tunisian President Gais Said’s reception of Polisario separatist leader Brahim Khali was “significantly extreme”. situation”, stressing that King Mohammed VI had always asked him to help Tunisia.

“The Sahara is a question of Morocco and a nation. And a people and cannot be abandoned,” Benkirane, published by the alyaoum24 site, said in a statement to the press on Sunday, following his participation in the funeral of Moroccan artist Fadallah Lamgari.

During the TICAD summit held in Tunis on August 27 and 28, he considered that “the behavior of Qais Sayyid annoyed Morocco” by receiving the leader of the Polisario militia, but this behavior “does not have any impact on the issue of our territorial integrity. “, describing the attitude of the Tunisian president as thoughtless.

“Qais Said did not measure up to what he did…even Algeria did not give such a welcome to the separatists,” confirmed Bencrane, adding that “the way the Tunisian president received the leader of the separatists was rude and unacceptable.” Tunisian president to “reconsider his position”.

+ “Qais Saeed did not measure up to what he did…” +

“Tunisia is in a difficult situation and suffers from financial problems, at the same time, Algeria has improved its financial conditions, but politics is not only money, but values ​​and principles,” he stressed. Among the two peoples (Moroccans and Tunisians) are exceptional”.

Benkirane also said he asked the king to visit Tunisians when he was head of government.

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According to him, the king wanted to spend two days in Tunisia, “but when the sovereign heard that tourists were leaving the country because of terrorist threats, ​​the king stayed in Tunisia for ten days”.

“I did not hide from you that I feared for his (the king’s) safety when he was in Tunisia because of the security situation, especially as he was walking under security after cutting a service in the streets of the Tunisian capital,” he said. King Mohammed VI always asked to help Tunisia.

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