May 30, 2023

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Donald Trump: How Will He Try to Present the Anticipated Arrests?

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Mr Trump is coming to New York for arbitration in 2015.

  • author, By Anthony Churcher
  • stock, Correspondent for North America

Donald Trump’s prediction that he would be arrested this week has yet to come true, but as the wait for criminal charges continues, the former president is plotting to get him out of jail and begin his historic bid to return to the White House. .

The task was difficult and Donald Trump, ensconced at his Mar-a-Lago home, became the first US president to be impeached for a crime.

However, it is clear that he will not leave it at that. His choices during political crises in the past are a useful guide to what we might see next.

When cornered by his political opponents, Mr. Trump is fighting back.

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