March 26, 2023

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Donald Trump vs. Ron DeSantis: The presidential mudslinging is already underway

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‘Big, fake, whiner’ vs ‘idiot TV character’: The Trump and DeSantis mud fight is already underway.

For a long time, Donald Trump has downplayed Ron DeSantis as a potential contender for the presidential bid. But he has now attacked the Florida governor. An exchange of blows is already underway behind the scenes.

Donald Trump is starting to take Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seriously as a contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. against the 44-year-old, but several of Trump’s statements in the meantime are aimed at defaming and disparaging the Florida man. becomes public. The reason: DeSantis is now considered a “better Trump” even by well-known Republican supporters like big-time donor Dan Eberhardt. “He’s a smarter version of Trump, he’s more cunning and he doesn’t have a hundred cases on his hands,” a Democratic consultant said recently.

Some political observers in Washington aren’t ruling out that both Trump and DeSantis are throwing their hats in the ring. They say the Republican primary campaign will turn into a mudslinging battle. Maggie Haberman, editor of the “New York Times,” had a taste of it during an interview on CNN. This Trump expert presented his new book about the controversial former president and revealed that Trump called him “fat, abusive and whiny.”

Some time ago, Haberman noted in his diary that DeSantis’ growing popularity had made Trump nervous. “I wonder why this person didn’t say he wouldn’t run against me,” Trump said in the statement. While no former president has been hurt by many complaints, DeSantis talks more with his advisers, Haberman continued on CNN. But what makes the two men adversaries is the fact that Trump undoubtedly helped DeSantis become governor in 2018. That Trump boastfully ‘created’ the man is evidenced by an audio recording provided by Haberman to CNN, and Trump now trusts people “when he does something for someone, to put aside their own future ambitions and be loyal to him for life,” the author says.

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DeSantis, celebrated as Florida’s “top governor,” is far from it. On the contrary: his sending of immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts, meanwhile, was legally challenged by Democrats (especially on Martha’s Vineyard). The latter actually pitches the idea of ​​using immigrants as pawns in a political game against the Democratic Party. DeSantis would have stolen it, it must be said. At least that’s what two informants told Rolling Stone magazine. They say it was the praise DeSantis received in conservative circles and the media that spurred Trump on. DeSantis is doing all this to give a boost to 2024.

The former president’s comment should not be entirely wrong. According to noted “Vanity Fair” writer Gabrielle Sherman, citing a former DeSantis collaborator, the pair are still in a kind of “Cold War of 2024,” but the exchange has long been simmering behind the scenes. Sherman’s insider says DeSantis “makes him a TV character and an idiot who has no right to run for president.” The newspaper cited an unnamed source in Republican circles as saying that DeSantis is promising supporters and donors to attack Trump’s record and talent in a front-line attack. “He says the only way to defeat Trump is to attack him head-on.”

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